scb irl: crossfit queen.

For people who don’t consider Friday nights to be the pinnacle of their lives, working out can be a normal to enjoyable activity for a Saturday morning. This weekend marks the last of the Crossfit Games Open “season” (five weeks) and while I wasn’t competing seriously this year, I still went to my gym to cheer… Then I ended up doing a modified version of the workout just because I wanted to play the Crossfit game too, OBVIOUSLY. And there was pizza so it was logical to earn my slice.


This is my training partner Emma and my gym dad, we call him Concrete. Em is a dear friend and a grumpy grandma disguised as a cheery little athlete. She is also one of the major reasons I got my life in order and body into shape, so pay attention to anything I credit to her. Concrete is pretty hysterical and quotable so I just love to harass him as much as possible. My actual dad works out at a different Crossfit gym so don’t get confused – he’s the MetCon Warrior. The Open workout was 21-18-15-9-6-3 thrusters (65#) and burpees. Don’t know what I’m talking about? My Demo Diva Emma is here to show you!


Burpees: Get the fuck down and then get up as fast as you can and please jump over your barbell in the process and spin around because that’s not going to make you want to die.


I’m not even being dramatic right now! They are. #crossfitproblems

Here’s my first tip on how to lose weight for all of you who emailed me asking: stop making excuses for why you’re not. Hungover on your Saturday morning? Drink less, or better yet, don’t go out and trash yourself and then miss (read: *skip*) a workout. Can’t tell you how many workouts I’ve done hungover, and it’s terrible… But I drank the alcohol, so I made myself suck it up and detox via sweatfest. There are no “easy ways” to lose weight. Sure, there’s a lot of different ways to do it, and I can email everyone until my fingers fall off, but I know it’s all in vain until people realize it’s only in their power to do anything about it. I knew I should have had a better diet for YEARS before I finally got mortified enough with myself to get my act together.

Having said that, I’ll detail the LAB Leanout (my first healthy learning experience) in a post because I think the structure is lowkey, logical and useful. You’re probably going to read it, hear me talk about it, or whatever and think – that’s it? But it is… That’s what’s so wonderful about my personal experience with losing weight. I realized how basic it was, just a systematic process that would builds on itself via good habits, meaning I would slowly keep losing the kind of weight I wanted. Good habits are created by desire, effort, willpower, dedication, and potentially sacrifices by prioritization. These don’t just apply “in the gym,” to be EFFECTIVE in the gym you have to prioritize the rest of your life, too. School, work, making food, eating out, seeing friends, the weekend, working out hardly fits in. And if it doesn’t, that’s fine. Shit happens. Just try to be conscious of what and how much you’re eating – it’s all about keeping a balance. I joke about my life being a hot mess all the time and though it’s not really, I’m always doing so many different things and all at once now that I haven’t found a good workout rhythm for myself. In an effort to counteract that, and not let myself get worked up over “not having worked out like I should have,” I eat a little more diligently. Not rocket science. :)

Any and all thoughts, love, hate and feedback, please leave in a comment below. Leanout details and easy recipes will come in a later post for my healthy betches! As always, I am sharing my experiences out of questions asked by followers somewhere on the interwebs, not because I am a licensed anything. I just hope to help motivate, inspire and support anyone trying to get healthier – this is the way I do it. People weren’t sympathetic when I was whining about it, and I won’t be for any of you either. Like, do you hate the way you feel? Learn to deal. Typing with love.

xx SCB

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  1. I am also a big fan of this Quen and also of CrossFit Games. I am waiting for the 2021 CrossFit Games Live Stream and I found a website where people can watch the live.

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