REVIEW: Perricone MD Cold Plasma & Cold Plasma Eye Cream

Sometimes the work I do for this blog seems like a dream because a few years ago I wouldn’t have dreamt it possible to be working with all of the beauty brands I knew of, used and loved, let alone be approached by them! I was already obsessed with makeup by the age of 3 and even though I’m 27 and my blog is the one that’s 3, I sometimes still pinch myself when it happens.

Perricone MD reached out to me recently, and sent me their bestselling Cold Plasma and Cold Plasma eye cream to try. I have tried other products from their line and my mom is a big fan of their stuff, so I was stoked for something new. (NOTE: While I was gifted this set, opinions in this post are completely honest and my own.)

Meet the Cold Plasma cream team.


Let’s start with the good part of this review, shall we?


The Cold Plasma eye cream is legit. It absorbs quickly and feels rich but goes on lightweight – not oily or greasy. It has a fairly neutral scent (!!!) and visibly brightened and boosted my tired eyelids after a long night. Whenever I clearly look tired, this has been the best at perking my eyes up vs. my other eye creams… I can notice a difference after using this, whether it was in the morning or evening.

The Cold Plasma eye cream targets 6 signs of aging: fine lines, puffiness, dark circles, loss of brightness, loss of firmness, and loss of hydration…. I’m still young but preventative skincare is always a good idea – and honestly, this is amazing for days when I wake up hungover or look really tired!

Now… Let’s get real about the Cold Plasma.


I. Cannot. Stand. The. Smell. Of. This.

I can’t. I just can’t. I don’t know how anyone can.

I first used just the eye cream in my skincare routine one night and didn’t detect any noticeable scent lingering after application… However, I tried this and once I got it all over my face I became overwhelmed by the smell – and not in the good way.

I actually washed it off after about 15 minutes because it was too pungent for me to deal with anymore… The smell of it just doesn’t go away. I understand that with its ingredients, the Cold Plasma may have a funkier scent than some, but it is too much for me. I wish it had a less repelling smell, because I’m sure it does work fabulously, considering how reputable Perricone MD is as an anti-aging skincare brand. Here’s more on the Cold Plasma technology:

Cold Plasma technology represents the culmination of Dr. Perricone’s most comprehensive research to date. Formulated with a revolutionary delivery system to maximize nutrient uptake, this multi-purpose treatment addresses the ten most visible signs of aging. It delivers the natural, rested and radiant appearance of healthy, youthful skin while enhancing the efficacy of all Perricone MD products.

Am I the only one who has such a scent sensitivity that I have to skip out on would-be amazing skincare products?!

Overall, I really did like the eye cream and will continue to use it in my regular rotation but I do NOT anticipate trying the Cold Plasma again – unless maybe I have a cold and can’t smell anything. I’ll keep you posted…

Has anyone else tried the Cold Plasma line or anything from Perricone MD before?


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