beauty hacks: five minute faces

Hi, I know it’s Monday so let’s make this short and sweet – makeup combos to create a finished face in almost no time. I have some examples from what I’ve been pairing recently, meant to inspire YOU – incorporate at your own risk, but please understand that what can look terrifying in the tube can look brilliant when it’s against your face. I find that the brighter or bolder the color (should you put on your brave face and wear some, will instantly make you 3x more powerful, I can show you the math) the less you need to do with the rest of your face because so much attention is focused to your lips! The motto is lipstick, mascara, get shit done.

As I said – pick your poison with the lipstick. The intensity definitely affects how strong the rest of your makeup should be, you want to highlight your features, not have them fighting for people’s attention. I always, always put on cream blush… The texture of NARS Cactus Flower (it’s omgeeebright but it just blossoms onto your cheeks for the perfect flash of flush – use a light hand with that one. BREAKING: As Cactus Flower has been discontinued, I’m going to cry, and need to find a new one. Tweet me your suggestions if you have one you love. I can’t. Moving on. Here are my top three fave, most recent quick looks I’ve put together before running out somewhere. As a regular girl I tend to be lazy and use Naked 2 when I’m moving quickly – I like the versatility. I’m also a fan of Bobbi Brown eye palettes, and NARS has some great duo shadows as well.

| NARS Roman Holiday | Naked 2 |


Roman Holiday was one of the first brighter shades that I bought and ventured to wear. It’s a little more sheer and layers intensity nicely, so if you’re looking for a safe shade, I’d suggest this or one like it. If you’re looking in store, test it on your wrist and see how well it layers up vs. how intense it comes with just one swipe. Choose appropriately. I’m not actually sure what I used on my eyes here, I couldn’t even tell you what day this was if that gives you a sense of the rush… I assume it was Naked 2. Probably just Bootycall lightly all over. Essentially, this is just quick lips, light eyes and definitely a coat of They’re Real. I’ve found that to be my go-to for these moments because it’s no good to put on any more than one coat of that mascara.

| NARS Train Bleu | Naked 2 |

NARS train bleu 5 min face

This was the night we were rushing to get out the door for our friend’s surprise party downtown, and I was dying to wear that Leslie halo, so my instant idea was the vampire flower child vibe. In this I used Cactus Flower, and packed on the Verve as you can see with just a little Bootycall to highlight under my brows. (pro tip: always give a little shimmer highlight boost under your brows. really helps to create that flawless arch!) Train Bleu is a velvet matte pencil – the texture and staying power is amazing. I also casually wore it as the standout point of my face, like I said above, when I was running errands on a grungy day. Check it on Instagram here.

| NARS Full Frontal | Naked 2 |

NARS Full Frontal

This was in Hawaii before we went out for dinner, so no doubt I had been down on the beach until the last possible second and not inside getting ready. This was more Verve, blended all the way out (I was really into the coppers and golds in the palettes for a while and I finally turned back into the cooler shades around this time) and a big fat coat of Benefit’s They’re Real plus Full Frontal and I was off. What I like about this particular color is it’s a pretty, purple-y town that is muted enough on your lips that it’s totally great and fun to wear during the day or for special occasions, and is standout.

Now, embrace your inner Queen and go put some lipstick on. I wasn’t kidding earlier, it makes you more powerful. Tweet me if you love me.

xx SCB

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