queen chic: playing sims in real life

PSA: If you haven’t looked over this post yet, please review and then come back.


I’ve talked a lot on my Twitter about finally tackling the last section of my house before it is *finally* finished (or I change my mind and decide to redecorate everything… again). After looking back over the boards and inspiration that I first envisioned for my home and then actually living in it, I’ve learned that some ideas are good, but not practical – and while some are practical, they’re just not very good. I’ve been tinkering with my main rooms for the last few months and am finally satisfied with how they’ve turned out, so I’m moving onto this last piece.


I have a fireplace, which is amazing if you can’t tell, as are the built-ins. I didn’t want to use this as my space for TV because I love the view from out that huge window and planned to make it into a semi-functional work space… Consulting allows me to be mobile with my work, which is cool because I can really maximize all the rooms in my house to be for exactly what I want. This is a lovely little space and I wanted to do it right from the beginning, rather than toss something there and have my vision for the vibe clouded. Here’s what’s around, in the back corner of this room (it’s huge) is my TV/gaming/entertainment setup that you would recognize if you ever saw photos from how I decorated the penthouse apartment. There’s enough space here to make two separate spaces within one open room, I JUST LOVE IT. Pause:


This painting was given to my by my parental units, but doesn’t it totally fit the Queen’s Castle? I think I’ll let it stay.


With all of this in mind, please also feel free to peruse my Pinterest boards for inspiration, and then comment or tweet me your thoughts and ideas to style this corner of the namaste bungalow. I just need help. I just, need. I need a Dorota, or that crazy gay wedding planner that’s on all of the Bravo shows. Speaking of Real Housewives, I don’t understand why I don’t have a TV show yet/still. Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch my episode of MTV Cribs though…

xx SCB

3 thoughts on “queen chic: playing sims in real life

  1. Personally, I’m a firm believer that paint is MAJOR when redecorating. I find beiges and brown tones to be just so… Passé. Instead of accenting the design of the room, to me it just tends to muddies the whole look and any sort of colour scheme. I’m completely, without a doubt, hundo p a sucker for white walls, and am probably entirely biased at this point since I fell in love with a particular shade years ago and have since painted three bedrooms that colour and my current living room. I don’t mean a stark, psychiatric hospital white, but a clean/organic/vintage-y white that would still add contrast against your trim, mantle, etc. Plus, your floors are phenom and would stand out a lot more! I honestly don’t think there’s anything better 😍

    Obviously you can never go wrong with black accents. Or greys for that matter. I can just picture bold pops of colour in your house as well, like pinks or rich fuchsias!

    I think a mirror above the mantle would be a smart move to open up the space even more, but I’d stray from circular mirrors. Personally, I like to keep wall pieces on a level plane for the most part so your eye moves well. Statement pieces are awesome and needed, but you still don’t want them to be jarring/feel disconnected from everything else. There’s a TON of space above the fireplace and you should take advantage of it! I think a long (but not longer than the mantle) rectangular mirror (rounded corners?) would look stunning. One with a vintage frame– GORG.

    I just picture a cute, sophisticated desk and chair combo (I wouldn’t put it right up against the window, but a place where you can still take advantage of the view/daylight), some sort of chaise or a big chair with an ottoman (closer to the window/corner) and a good side table with some coffee table books, a frame or two, flowers (can you say PEONIES 😍), candles, etc. A nice sized floor rug in front of the fireplace (patterned?) would be perf 👌

    Pull aspects you like from places like Pinterest and find ways to incorporate them– sticking to the design inspirations while making them more practical/functional. Just have fun with it!

    P.S. I didn’t realize how long this comment turned out to be… But I’m still not sorry about it. Just love this shit 👌

  2. Love that fireplace! I think you should try a round mirror above the fireplace to give some shine/glam. It would help add different look in that area with all the squares and straight lines. Also, it would catch all the great light from the windows. Check out this link (onekingslane) https://www.onekingslane.com/product/32916/1158774. They have more mirrors than that one. Z Gallerie also has some awesome mirrors.

    I’m definitely not a designer, but that’s what I’d do if I had a great space like that.

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