queen chic: playing house on pinterest

I picked up the book Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman (I love her blog) as some inspiration and motivation to finish one last room in my house and to see what kind of tips she has for the “single in the city” type of girl like me.


Obviously I’ll share any good ideas or life hacks inside as I learn them, I just need to read all the things. Maybe I have a future in home decor and styling. I don’t know. Whatever. It’s just like, if every day is a fashion show, your home is just a giant, permanent one so it HAS to look good. I’m not psycho, right? Stay with me.

Go ahead and get up close and personal with my Pinterest, because once I finish up with all my ideas on it you’re going to be fully obsessed. With me, or my boards, whatever. Here’s my mood board, if you will. Also, the original inspiration board for chez moi can be found here. Enjoy.









To see the space in my home and help me bring my vision to life, check out this post.

xx SCB

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