QUEEN CHIC: Living Room Inspo.

After weeks of trolling the internet for every bit of inspiration I could find, I’m finally ready to make moves and finish the final corner of my home: the living room. I already showed you the space and layout in this post, so check that if you need a refresher – it’s an amazing little corner of my castle. You can also see my initial room inspiration from my first post on queen chic. While I was trying to finish my vision for filling in the actual space, I did buy a few prints and pieces to give my office collage wall some new life, and potentially fill the space above my fireplace… Now, I’m impatiently waiting for all of these bad boys to come in the mail. SO excited, check them out.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.48.12 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.47.51 PM

I was lucky to get these two amazing prints by Oliver Gal during a RueLaLa sale. If you’re not a part of their shopping network yet, join here. I’m not sure where I’m going to put each yet, but I had to get them. I would have bought out the collection, but I don’t have five thousand odd dollars sitting around like my basket first suggested. Priorities, betches. Priorities. Two at a time? Doable.

These are by one of my internet homegirls – check out the rest of her shop here. She has some rad pieces that are super affordable and perfect to spice up even a small space – you can pick from a range of sizes. I got the biggest print of Lana because I know it can go on a door (saw it from someone else’s tweet and died like the white girl I am) and I have a print hanging on a door in my office that I can easily swap it out for… PERFECTION. I’m not even sure where Marilyn will go, but I had to have her, so she’ll definitely have some wall space of honor.

I have a small bench I plan to stack right under my window in the living room for people to sit and do shoes/toss your bag, etc. and put in two overstuffed but structured chairs to lounge in or work from. Ottomans with extra storage and a table for the middle… Very comfy chic. Remember shabby chic? Think that, but circa 2014, and stone cold style. Yes?


Comfortable, but I won’t compromise the sitting room feeling of my house just for that – I still want to impress. I looove, love love all of the spaces I’ve totally finished because it’s just so pretty and has good energy. I just feel good being where I am, and I love working, relaxing, doing anything at home. It’s taken a year, but that’s probably because I’m so psycho. It’s all a learning process… On the bright side, by the time I’m ready to be tied down and get married, I’ll pretty much have a side career in home decor and styling.

Ps. Those pictures are from my Pinterest boards and are not my own. The middle picture features walls lighter than I have now, and one of the girls who commented on one of the earlier posts brought up the idea of painting my walls lighter/whiter as well… I initially loved the idea of doing a light wall (which she suggested, and now I’m very re-interested in) with a dark trim as I have a raised ceiling in there. I definitely plan to jump on Pinterest and see what kind of DIY painting situation I could get going (I think that would be easy enough, no?) unless anyone wants to come paint a mural. On my ceiling. For free. And make it pretty. What, like it’s hard?

xx SCB

2 thoughts on “QUEEN CHIC: Living Room Inspo.

  1. What’s your living situation? Do you rent a house with roommates, do you own? Just curious as I live in SEA at well! :)

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