Why I’m Skipping Coachella This Weekend & Where I’m Going Instead…

So, this weekend festival season really, really officially starts. It’s COACHELLA!!!


After attending both weekends in 2015, I elected to only go weekend 2 this year so I could skip out on the crowds and annoying fashion bloggers plaguing the grounds. The grass isn’t green, but the experience is SO MUCH BETTER…. Pretty much the only sad part for me is missing this weekend’s lineup at the Do LaB stage.

thomas jack coachella stonecoldbetch

While I could have gone to Coachella for shits and giggles, I have a much better experience calling my name back in Seattle… I made the game time decision (about when the gates of the festival opened yesterday) to book a flight and head back to attend one of my best friend’s first events, Serendipity. I’m way more excited to go out and dance with my closest friends and favorite people in the world than deal with thousands of Brochella attendees. Sorry not sorry.

Serendipity is a culmination of passion, love, connection, co-creation and synchronicity. It is a 12 hour celebration of life, love, community and art across all mediums… It is presented by Soul Tribe as a part of Project Luck Dragon, and curated by my wonderful friend Nicole.

Basically, I’m going back home (flying in the air as I write this) just to be a privileged attendee of this party and will be back in LA tomorrow evening… then it’s right back to Coachella prep for Weekend 2!!! Hope you’re all having a bitchin weekend.


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