Where Did You Get Your Hamsa Bracelet We Saw On Snapchat? #AskSCB


For the last few weeks, I’ve been rocking this amazing hamsa bracelet in some of my Snapchat stories and a bunch of you asked me where I got it, so here you go…

It’s a grounding lava stone bracelet that I got from Crystal Cactus and unfortunately, it’s sold out (for now). I’m pretty sure they restock popular items regularly, so it may come back. Btw this post is NOT sponsored, I bought all of this jewelry with my own money – I just really love everything in the Crystal Cactus shop.

I also have a handful of other pieces from them, my favorite being this gorgeous crystal necklace.

Diamond Spellbound Spirit Quartz Necklace

I love wearing it. So sparkly and I always feel amazeballs… Spirit quartz is a crystal of harmony and alignment, a high vibration stone that cleanses the aura, helps to align the chakras and dispels negativity.

Below are two of my fave crystal bracelets *in stock* that I picked out with similar properties!

Stardust Galaxy Bracelet

I might buy this now that I’ve looked at it as I write this post, haha. This is made with snowflake obsidian which I have never heard of before, but it has similar qualities to black obsidian. Protective, helps dispel darkness and reveal what needs to be changed in one’s life… I mean, that would save me a LOT of guesswork.

Psychic Protection Bracelet

This bracelet is made with black tourmaline, a powerful, protective, and grounding stone. Amethyst is a soothing and relaxing crystal. It calms fears, lifts spirits, raises hope and helps control negative thoughts… I happen to be an amethyst addict – I have pieces of it all over my house and in a lot of jewelry, so I love this one.

I know neither of these have the hamsa, so if you’re looking for a bracelet with that I would suggest doing an Etsy search… There has to be a boutique or 50 with some options!


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