NEW! Stone Cold Reads


I’ve had so many of you reach out to me for book recommendations or ask about the books I post on Snapchat that I’m going to start doing a monthly reading list. YAASSS!! It’s like the start of a betchy book club or something. Get excited.

I’m an avid reader and love to work through multiple books at a time so I stay interested and engaged. No matter how good a book might be, if it’s the only one I’m reading I’ll get bored. Sorry not sorry.

Besides what’s listed below, I just ordered Kate Hudson’s book Pretty Happy, it’s coming this week so I’ll include a recap in the reading list for May… Anyone read it?





Hopefully this list gave you some new titles and reading inspo. Now I’d love to know – what is your favorite book that you’ve read lately? Please drop me a comment if you have one in mind… I’m always looking to add to my list and your recommendation may show up in a future post!


3 thoughts on “NEW! Stone Cold Reads

  1. Oh oh let me know how Let It Out goes! I know it sold out pretty quick but I still want to pick it up. And I still need to pick up a ton of these so I can focus on my favorite person (ME)!

    1. Yeah girl!!! I will for sure. I haven’t started it bc I wanted to close down some of my reads first and pay attention – Master your mean girl is part journaling too, I love interactive books like that. I may do a feature on my faves as I get through them as the month goes on :) xx

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