~ My New Tarot Deck ~


A bunch of people have asked me to post about my new tarot deck and more about tarot in general after I went to a tarot workshop about a month ago… So here it is!

If you’re new, tarot is a “divination tool.” The symbols on the cards are utilized to reflect what is going on emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually within the person asking questions of the tarot. It is a reflection of you and does not make definites or determinations about your life – it is a helpful guide to move through blocks, gain insight, and make healthier and clearer decisions for a happier life. (read more)

A little more beginner info: there’s a Major and Minor Arcana… The Major Arcana forms the foundation of  the tarot and represents the various stages of life or situations we may encounter during it. Essentially it illustrates the “structure of human consciousness and holds keys to life lessons.” The Minor Arcana consists of four suits – Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. Each is related to one of the 4 elements and represents different, more detailed aspects of our daily lives. (learn more: major // minor)

It may be a little *~*~*woo woo*~*~* or out there when you think people are using tarot to predict the future, but really it is meant to clarify (or call out) present influences in your life you may not be aware of. Tarot is meant to interact with your psyche and your unconscious – a lot of Carl Jung’s concepts can actually be found in the cards of a deck.


I first got a Rider Waite deck to learn the traditional symbology of the tarot, but I really struggled to get into it or connect with the artwork at all… After I went to that workshop, I did my research on a new one before finally selecting the Fountain Tarot.

As soon as I looked at it online I knew it would be the one – the artwork is so much more contemporary, and I vibed with it through the screen way harder than I ever did with my Rider Waite deck. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and am in LOVE… It has made studying and learning so much easier and more interesting.


How can you not be obsessed with the bad ass High Priestess? “The High Priestess is veiled wisdom. She is the space between extremes where ideas and thoughts are uncovered, emerge, and expand. Those who are brave enough to listen in her stillness will gain the strength and conviction they seek for future actions.”

The colors and imagery in this deck are beautiful – saturated but muted. The artwork really resonates with me which has made it WAY easier to learn the meaning and all of the info behind each particular card… These make the painstaking effort of learning tarot fun, because they’re so pretty to use.


The Temperance card is one of my favorites in this deck… “We often look at options from an either/or perspective, but Temperance invites us to consider that ALL things are possible, even when they appear to be at odds. Life is not static, and neither are our needs – they vary across a lifetime, and across each situation. Through listening and awareness, the universe reveals what your soul truly needs, and not just what your ego wants. It’s not as complicated as you make it. If you can put your perceptions and impatience aside, you create space for alchemy.” 


One special thing about the Fountain Tarot deck is that they created an additional card called the Fountain.

“The Fountain exists outside and beyond the cycles of birth, death, time, and form. It is the nameless, changeless, source of which everything is a part. It is the waking from the dream of separateness and identity, and the recognition of one’s “Self” as not only connected to all things, but all things – divine nature. When The Fountain appears in your reading, relinquish all illusion of control and remain quiet. It invited you to observe, master less, and to just be – effortless and indistinguishable from life. You are the voice and the breath of universes.”


The case is lovely – sturdy and quite psychedelic. AND, I fucking love that quote on the inside. When I first opened this up I was blown away by the attention to detail on all fronts – packaging, card design, artwork, everything – all of which I really appreciated.

Do any of you dabble in or practice reading tarot? Let me know in the comments :) I’ll also be doing a followup Q&A interview with Natalia, the tarot goddess who led my workshop in the next few weeks, so if you have any questions – leave them below!


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