So… I have some VERY exciting news. After walking through a very promising beach bungalow last week, we sent in our applications on Friday – and then I was dying of anticipation all weekend (AND yesterday).


We found out yesterday there were other applicants, and suddenly my beach themed Pinterest boards seemed like a premature celebration. I couldn’t do anything but think about this house yesterday, or else I would have had a post up (maybe you’ll get lucky and there will be a second today).

We didn’t hear back until nearly 8pm last night but WE GOT THE PLACE!!!


One of the best parts about this house is it has a MASSIVE deck – big enough to grill, entertain, chill, and most importantly — I have enough space to plant a small or potted garden of sorts!! We have a western exposure just like I did at my house in Seattle, so I know tomatoes, strawberries, and all the herbs I grew there will thrive out on this deck. SO excited.

I will share more photos of our new home once we get the keys, and of course document the organizing/packing/moving/unpacking/decorating process here on the blog! It’s a little overwhelming to think about packing all my stuff up and moving again, remembering that I only did this 6 months ago, but it will be worth it… I can’t wait to live by the water with my love. #vom

Thank you so much to everyone who has been leaving me comments on my OMG I’m moving in with my boyfriend?! post – your tips have been noted and I very much appreciate you guys taking the time to share with me. If you’ve got any pearls of wisdom, please leave them in a comment here or there and I will be eternally grateful. :)

PS. There’s a third bedroom in case any of you find yourself in the LA area one day. Just tweet me, beep me, if you wanna reach me…


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