REVIEW: TULA’s Probiotic Skin Care Line


I recently got the chance to try out a new skincare line that has probiotics in its formula, to nourish the skin and defend against damage. Probiotics are live bacteria (the good kind), found in yogurt, kombucha, fermented foods, etc. and are known to improve the health of your digestive system. I take a probiotic supplement as well as drink kombucha, but have never heard of using probiotics in a topical application.

 With a skincare line like TULA, you can get the heath and healing benefits of probiotics by applying them topically – it helps your system stimulate the production of vital defense cells to make your skin healthier and more resistant to damage and aging! They’ll help even out the tone and texture of your skin, balance the pH, and reduce redness and inflammation. They sent me their skincare range to review and after learning more about this, I was super excited to try it for myself.


You guys know I take pride in being honest about trying and reviewing beauty/skincare products, and I’m not afraid to call out something I don’t like… So, I am just going to warn you now that I am literally IN LOVE with this whole line, and don’t think I have ever been so impressed across the board.

Tula means balance in Sanskrit, and that’s essentially the mission of the company. Dr. Raj, gastroenterologist and co-founder of TULA’s goal is “to give women products that make them look and feel balanced and beautiful. I started with skin care because glowing radiant youthful-looking skin is a sure indicator that you’re living a heathy lifestyle.”

She specializes in women’s health and colon cancer screening, so launching TULA was an opportunity to apply her medical knowledge of probiotics, bacteria, and yeasts that keep our digestive tract healthy, to create a probiotic technology for the skin.

“Exercise, sleep, and diet all play crucial roles in giving ourselves the balanced life we deserve. With TULA we have taken the same good-for-you ingredients that keep our insides healthy and applied them to a product line that nourishes our skin.” – Dr. Raj


The line consists of a purifying cleanser, revitalizing eye cream, illuminating serum and hydrating moisturizer. They offer travel-friendly sample sizes, too – you can get these 4 products in a travel kit here. All the products have a slight scent – it’s fresh, but definitely something I noticed right away… However, I have sensitive skin and the scent didn’t irritate it at all. Four for you, TULA.

I was shocked at how well their cleanser removes makeup – even mascara. It’s said to “help remove makeup, cleanse pores, and nourish skin,” and the consistency/texture of the cleanser is like a velvety gel – it foams up and goes to work on balancing out your skin.


The eye cream is super rich but not greasy. It’s supposed to rejuvenate and hydrate skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness – basically, it’s like a power nap for your eyes. It sinks right in and I’ve noticed the circles under my eyes from an eternal lack of sleep are less apparent, and not because I’ve changed my bedtime…


I have always had pretty clear skin but am forever struggling with it being combination dry/oily. Finding a moisturizer that provides enough hydration without being too heavy for the oilier parts of my face has been a task – this one is MAGICAL.

It nourishes and hydrates and works to reduce the appearance of fine lines… While I thought this might be too heavy for me to use day AND night, it feels weightless once absorbed and makes my greasy forehead look normal and my drier cheeks and nose feel properly hydrated. The only downside is there’s no SPF in it, so that’s an additional step to remember.


I’m a serious serum fiend, and their illuminating serum is by far my favorite that I’ve tried. EVER!!!

Serums are used as an in-between skincare step to provide your skin with extra nutrients, vitamins, whatever – there are a ton of different targeted serums to help with any kind of skin issue. This one is designed to help maintain a fresh, hydrated, youthful looking glow, and it delivers. It’s really lightweight and makes my face feel plump, smooth, and ready to face the world.

If I had to recommend one item to splurge on (if not the travel kit), it would definitely be the serum. All in all, I’m obsessed with the results from using this line for the last few weeks and plan to make it my regular skincare regime!


discovery kit c/o tula skincare

8 thoughts on “REVIEW: TULA’s Probiotic Skin Care Line

  1. Recently purchased multi spectrum skin rescue I’m not sure my face has a rash and red any advice or should I not use this product.

    1. Hey! You wrote this on a TULA post and I’m not sure they have a product by that name. Are you talking about a Clinique product by chance? That sounds like something they have. If your skin was irritated or broke out in a rash because of using it, definitely stop (I assume you did, sorry this comment is so late!) usage. You could probably still take it back to where you got it even if it’s past the return policy and say it gave you a rash and get store/brand credit to find a product you can actually use. Hope that helps! x

  2. I agree if it’s good for the inside it is sure good for the skin, dose this product delays pigments in skin I get dark spots a lot please help me.
    Thank you,

    1. If you’re looking to treat uneven pigmentation, you may want to check out a different line… However, as this does improve texture and overall clarity of skin (I saw a reduction in redness), it may help manage existing ones though I don’t think it specifically protects against/delays them forming. Do you use SPF on your face daily? That may help too! xx

  3. Thank you for giving us the feed back, I was actually looking for an acne hydrating mask for my teen. But now I think this products are more for me, I too love serums, love probiotics, I drink my Kombucha is more like I force myself, I still don’t love it, but my non fat yogurt is a must. This is the first time I look in your site, and again, thank you. I’m hoping I will still find something for my teens body acne.

    1. Hello! Sorry to have missed your comment when you posted it this summer. Did you end up trying anything from this line? I am a kombucha fiend myself (love Synergy trilogy!) and was immediately interested by the fact this is formulated with probiotics. I do hope you’ve returned to view some of my other posts! :)

      As far as your teenager’s acne, I’m not sure this would be the best solution, as you said. I do hope you’ve found something that has been effective for them since writing to me! However, if you’re still looking for a mask, TULA does make a nice exfoliating one that you wear for 5ish minutes before you wash your face, which is an easy step to add and it’s gentle – good if there’s sensitive broken out skin.

      Also, I would suggest maybe looking for TWO masks, to pair together to treat acne/body acne (you can spot treat if on the body vs. doing a whole face mask). One that is a purifying/balancing mask, like a clay or charcoal mask, and then a toning/hydrating mask. I think pairing masks is like a 1-2 combo punch to treating issues for the skin. Hope that helps!

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