REVIEW: Tula’s Exfoliating Clay Mask

Remember TULA? I reviewed their probiotic skincare line a few months ago (read here), and am a huge fan of their products… They were kind enough to send me their new exfoliating mask to try out, so here is a little more info and my thoughts on it!


TULA’s exfoliating clay mask claims to “leave your skin hydrated and noticeably smoother as it works to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, lifting dead skin cells and erasing the effects of environment debris.

There are probiotics, nutripeptides, vitamins A, C, E, and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in it to help nourish and protect your skin to promote a healthy, youthful radiance.

Soooooo… Does it work?

The mask is unique in that it is designed to be used multiple times a week… You’re supposed to leave it on for just 5 minutes and then scrub and rinse off with warm water. As TULA doesn’t have a specific exfoliating step in their line, I figure this is it.

It feels like a stolen luxury, putting on a quick mask that makes my skin glow before I’m even doing with my skincare routine. I love it.


The consistency is a super soft clay that’s not too thick and has grainy scrubbing bits in it.

It doesn’t dry out as it activates on your skin or get tight on your face, and when it’s wet again the scrubby parts feel great as they slough dead skin and other shit off your skin. My face felt really smooth and CLEAN after using this, not too dry either (a problem I have with other clay masks). I feel like I look refreshed — tightened and brightened.

It lives up to expectations for me since I love the whole TULA line… However, it’s particularly perfect for my sensitive skin because it’s gentle and not too drying or intense with the scrub part. Plus, it just feels so GOOD and almost a little naughty when I take the time to put a mask on to exfoliate for five minutes in the morning. It’s amazing! It’s like it feels bad to treat myself so good but it feels so good to be bad kinda thing.

Highly suggest you try with any mask you have at home ASAP, and definitely recommend this one for anyone looking for a gentle mask/regular exfoliation product: Tula Exfoliating Clay Mask.


exfoliating mask c/o tula skincare

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