Weekend Adventures & An Updated Reading List

Happy Monday! I type that with enthusiasm because it’s Monday evening, which basically means Monday is over and it’s only one more day until Wino Wednesday. ANYWAY, Hi. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend – as for me, I’d like to have had a day between Sunday and Monday for recovery…


On Friday, I went up to San Francisco with my boyfriend Ryan and good friend JP to see one of my favorite artists, Solomun (however, I was sadly not wowed by his set that night). The show was at Public Works which is a cool venue I hadn’t been to before, and we met up with a few of our music friends who live there so all in all it was a fun night.

We only had enough time to go brunching before heading back to LA on Saturday… I really like SF and wish we had more time to explore the city, but this was just a one day weekend trip. We ended up going to Smokestack at Magnolia Brewing, which was unbelievably good.


I got a 1/3 lb of brisket and this thai chili cheddar pork sausage because I asked the guy taking my order if I was missing out anything else life critical as I had never dined here before… I am always THAT girl asking for a recommendation, your favorite dish, or how good my choice is before I commit. People love or hate me for it – this guy seemed to appreciate my concern and he hooked me up with meat and his sausage recommendation was delicious AF.


Then I was stuffed. And kinda drunk, off this (ok, like 3 of them) deliciously refreshing gin cocktail… So dangerous. We had nothing better to do since we were about to go to the airport and fly home, so why not you know?


Brunch drunk is always a good look.

As soon as we got back to LA we had to get cleaned up and ready for a birthday dinner in Hollywood before going out again that night. I used to be able to go out both nights of the weekend with no problem, now I want nothing more than to curl up for 5 days after one night out and that’s how I know I’m growing up/turning into a grandma.

Now that we’re all caught up on where I was all weekend (because online wasn’t it), let’s talk about what I know everyone really wants to hear about – what books I’ve been reading. I usually work through a few different titles at the same time, mostly because I have ADHD but also I like the variety it provides, especially if there’s a longer book I’m reading.

I’ve posted a few of these titles on my Twitter and Instagram already and I love to know some of you have picked them up too. Something about the new year just has me excited to do some soul searching and put in some work on myself, so these are mostly geared towards that.

Find Yourself & Get Your Life Together: First Reads of 2016.

What are you guys reading right now? Please share what books you’ve picked up or would recommend! Once I finish this list, I’ll need new material so I’d love to know what pages you’ve been turning.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures & An Updated Reading List

  1. K gonna go read all of these right now. I’m actually just now reading the Nasty Gal book Girl Boss and I’m loving it. Definitely inspiring during this part of my life right now — quarter life crisis is major.

  2. Just finished Girl on the Train. It’s a quick read but SO good. I just ordered you are a bad ass on Amazon and I’m looking forward to reading it. Thanks!!

    1. Let me know what you think – it’s hitting me hardcore right now and I’m only like 4 chapters in. Big Magic is also really good if you haven’t checked it out yet. I will add that to my Kindle list, thanks for the rec! xx

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