My Amazing New Life Planner for 2016

I posted last year about my Erin Condren Life Planner that I used for 2015, but this year a new planner caught my eye and I had to try it out. Meet the Design Love Co.’s “Design Love Planner.”


IMO, it’s much better than the EC planner I used last year and will probably be the reason I take over the world this year, because ORGANIZATION.

I posted this pic on Instagram as soon as I got it, tweeted my obsession over the pages, and Snapchatted a full mini-preview of the inside. (Add me on Snap: QueenSCB)


It’s such a perfect, clean chic. The planner’s structure is minimal yet has all these thoughtful details included in a way that makes it so useful AND easy/functional to use. I’m obsessed.

The double daily pages for each week make a huge difference for someone with a schedule like mine – it makes it easy to keep track of my whole life. The left is a photo of the “task-based schedule” and the right is the “time-based schedule,” which lets you keep track of all your to-do’s and meetings/appointments so you can have a complete overview of your day/week/LIFE. I’m telling you, this planner has got it figured out.

This has been my favorite feature of the planner so far because I can add my to do’s and then work around my meetings or appointments or errands, and understand how/where I’m spending my time all day without feeling like a slave to my schedule.

There’s also a page for monthly goals with empowering quotes, expense tracking, a “monthly” to-do list and list index (!!!) so you can stay on top of absolutely anything and everything. There are even tear out to-do lists in the back: one for packing, recipes, a blog post, and more. If you’re an organizational psycho like me – this planner will give you actual inner peace. Peace of mind and a flow for your life. Namaste.

It also comes with a black and white striped cover, which is cute but too obnoxious for me. I like the cool blue and peaceful marble to offset the chaos of all the shit I have to do. All the info here: Design Love 2016 Planner

Sometimes I wish I could just use an app but I don’t trust technology enough to not keep a hard copy… Plus, I get super satisfied crossing things off a list so seeing them just be erased in an app is far less gratifying (<<< motivating for my productivity). Do you use a planner? If not, how else do you keep track of your life?



5 thoughts on “My Amazing New Life Planner for 2016

    1. IT SAVES MY LIFE. Especially in the last few weeks when I’ve had so much going on, the double to do/schedule weekly pages are so clutch. Have you gotten it yet?! xx

      1. Yes I have! Yeah that’s definitely my favorite part!! Also love all the added things like monthly budgeting and goals! Thanks for the recommendation :) I’m already obsessed haha!

        1. You’re going to get so much use out of it! I love the goals – it’s where I write the stuff I know I need to get done but am dreading doing lol and somehow that makes it way more motivating/satisfying. ✔️✔️ x

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