The Most Essential iPhone App You *NEED* To Download.

Yesterday I learned there was such a thing as a “GIF Keyboard” that integrates into your regular keyboard now… and nothing was the same.


I don’t know what I’ve done the last two days besides obsessively look over all the gifs in here and try to figure out ways to use them. You can save them directly from it too! I’m fucking obsessed. Enjoy a few of my faves (that you may or may not have seen earlier on Twitter). I’m so excited about using gifs in tweets, I can’t even.


Ironically, I got a pony for Christmas when I was 7. Does that make me the adult version of Veruca Salt? What a scary thought.


Oh my god, Taylor, you can’t just dance like that.




Taylor Swift is the best white girl of all time and I’m not ashamed of how many gifs I’ve saved of her so far. She’s perfect.


Do you, Tay.

But really I’m over here like, girl bye.



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