the goddess and the jewelry cart.

i just received my amazing necklace from natalia benson jewelry and am obsessed/dead/white girling so hard… i can’t even.


made of titanium quartz, amethyst, chrysoprase, crystal quartz and hematite. besides the fact the necklace is one of a kind, crafted custom after a tarot reading – i didn’t know what it was going to be/look like/anything. opening this was the best surprise ever.

the story of how i came across this line in the first place is outrageous – by coincidence (or not at all) i was lucky to meet the goddess behind it, natalia, at lightning in a bottle this year. let’s take a trip down memory lane and let me tell you my story of meeting her, because by the end i was convinced she was but a figment of my imagination.

so… we’re at the first day of lightning, it’s about 100000 degrees, and we’re exploring the venue after trekking across the valley you see below to be at the main stage for polish ambassador.

20140523_184756 20140523_170943

i stumble upon this exceptional little cart of goods. there’s a super sweet looking girl casually posted up inside and jewelry on display, so obviously i walked up and started poring over everything and chatting her up… like i was really into it, but you would be too. my friends left but i just kept talking to this homegirl about her jewelry line that i’m obsessing over and at this point, am thinking maybe i’m meeting the future me and i need to become a jewelry gypsy.

fortune ring trio elephant moon hoops tattoo bangle

 though i wanted to get everything, i finally decided on this bangle which reads “we are life’s elaborate masterpieces.” it seemed appropriate at the time and is an eternally good reminder. we talked about astrology and all of the water in my chart (right?!) and i just wanted to hang out with her forever. but, there was music so finally i decided it was time to go.

i’m getting ready to leave, proud with my bangle, but before doing so she had me pull one tarot card from this gorgeous deck she produced out of thin air. at this point i am unfazed and just so curious that i pull a card and am floored by the insight handed to me by this girl who, previous to twenty minutes ago, had no idea i existed. like, what the fuck? i see you, universe.

she asked if i could snap a picture of her in this hysterical little antique cart. of course i do – all the while briefly contemplating if i can take my own picture because i knew this story was just so amazing and i figured no one would believe me when i told them so i needed proof but was not about to be that girl – and walked away from this amazing experience.

i’m so inspired, prancing down to my friends once i find those who ditched me and enthusiastically tell them this story. i’ve now got it in my head that i’m going to become a jewelry gypsy, and just met my future self. don’t worry about it. my friends can’t stop laughing at me but i can’t stop talking about how i know exactly what to do with my life.

keep in mind: one friend is rocking a dino onesie with dreadlocks from the dust storms, and the other was seriously wondering if this dancing tree was holding up the structure around it, or if the structure was holding up the tree…?? (verdict: undecided)

20140523_202356 wpid-2014-06-03-15.18.52.jpg.jpeg wpid-2014-06-03-15.16.44.jpg.jpeg

long story short, i didn’t see the cart or the girl for the rest of the weekend and was semi-convinced she’s imaginary even though i was the very proud owner of that bangle.

back to reality: i’m home in seattle, enduring festie depression and the sad reality of life… but hopeful thanks to this bangle, this reminder of what my life could be like, if i continue going after my dreams. though the experience was brief, it was powerful. it was so inspiring to see someone doing absolutely her own thing and making a life for herself, and be so fulfilled by her own path… it was just the inspiration and motivation I genuinely needed then, to keep me working for what i really want.

i googled “natalia benson jewelry” to find out her jewelry line is very real and extremely cool, and she does tarot readings. in stalking her website, what caught my eye was the “tarot session and jewelry creation” option… another opportunity to see this wonderful woman and get a piece just for me.

i email her, trying not to fangirl because is there any appropriate way to reintroduce yourself after the story i just told you? hardly. so i’m like, hi, do you remember that girl obsessed with you from lightning? you like, made my weekend and i want to do a reading/jewelry sesh with you. so we did, and it was great. i decided that now we were like, friends – and therefore it would be acceptable to ask her (hiding from the comfort of my computer, naturally) if she would send me the picture i took of her and her funny jewelry cart.


i could not have made up a better story, even if i did imagine it. my life is the realest.

you obviously can’t buy exactly what i have, but you can check out everything available in her online shop or (!!!) book your own tarot/custom jewelry sesh for a custom piece, which i would highly recommend if you’re into that.


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