RECIPE: My Fave Morning Shake.

Shakes are a great and an easy meal if (when) you’re rushed – you can drink it on the go and there’s no prep or cleanup. They take five seconds to whip up and I find them satisfying vs. anything else I could make and take so easily.

Meet The Shake Squad.


Through painstaking trial and error, I’ve figured out how to make these good for you and taste decent, too. While shakes that are actually healthful might not look the best, learn to deal. Close your eyes. Drinking down powdered greens may help counteract – or at least balance out – your beer and brunch “weekend” diet as it does mine.

How To Make The Stone Cold Shake.

Milk first. Just measure then mix well and you’re good to go! I like the blender bottles that have the whisks inside to help mix everything up, but you can totally get a bonus arm workout by shaking it aggresively it all by yourself.


If you’ve never drank powdered greens before, err on the light side of a teaspoon at first – they can be an acquired taste. That’s also where using a dash of agave or honey comes in clutch.


The honey I have right now is literally from my uncle’s bees, yes he has bees. In the backyard. It’s soooo delicious.


Try to drink this in a reasonable amount of time as it will thicken – the only downfall. Enjoy!


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