The Bungalow Home Inspo.

I’m constantly asked for bedroom inspo or about doing a home/room tour, so this is an official spoiler alert: I promise a betchy/creepy “welcome to the bungalow” tour is coming soon.

To tease you give you a preview of my space, I’ve put together some of the visual inspiration I first collected when moving out of my apartment, plus some hints about what you can expect to see… Basically my house is imagined out of Pinterest. It makes me feel like I’m playing the Sims again, only I can build my dream home with just a click and no rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;! cheat codes necessary.



The bungalow is full of books, candles, and trinkets… Since I’m in my own place and work from home, I love having all these sources of inspiration doubling as decoration/motivation. Disclaimer: there is also a place for everything because I’m secretly a psycho neat freak. It’s casual.

Everything in my house has a story or a memory as to how I got it… When friends come over and see it for the first time, they often say it’s very “me.” I love that. And if they don’t mean it as a compliment, too bad because I took it as one.

Note: All photos in this post are from my personally curated boards. For original source credit, please check out my Pinterest.

And as if my house wasn’t already “me,” last week one of my actual best girlfriends was visiting from NYC and stayed here. We had a great week just hanging out – staying in, drinking wine, eating popcorn, being psychos…


Betch is a lifestyle. Presumably after some vino, I came to the conclusion that I needed her to do something in my house… She sketched her initial vision as we talked, then the next day we got supplies and she got to work.

Not only can Sarah draw and paint, but this creative goddess is also a model and jewelry designer/metalsmith who works in designer ready-to-wear at Bloomingdale’s. I actually trust her (which is kind of a big deal) so I let her mural on my wall. It’s whatever. She just gets me, which almost never happens, for me. You know?


It’s amazing. She’s amazing. The finished piece will be revealed in my next Queen Chic post, when we go on a tour of the Bungalow!


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