Keeping Up With The Betch.

JAMBO! I’ve been out sick and curled up with my Hello Kitty blanket for most of the week, but I’m feeling better and have a bunch of exciting news to share! Expect me to be back to regularly scheduled bloggery next week.

Let’s play show and tell. First things first: I’M A YOUTUBER NOW!

I’ll be posting new videos every week and am open to all of your suggestions and/or requests to film! I’m learning to edit and actually behave with a camera in front of me rather than a computer screen, so be patient for a few weeks as I get my bearings…

I actually had a lot of fun doing this so basically this is a warning to Jenna Marbles that I’m coming for her. Subscribe to my channel, say you love me and get excited for demos, rants, and so much more.

I hope you guys enjoy and watch along, can’t wait to talk to you rather than just typing! I envision myself as a Babe Walker/Kim Possible/Rachel Zoe love child of the internet. Yas? YAASSS.

Anyway, so I just got back from Sephora and found a bunch of new stuff to try that caught my eye. Okay, to be completely honest I mostly drooled over NARS, and maybe picked up a new bitchstick or two.

I can control my willpower when it comes to food and fashion – but makeup? Nah.

Haul details and review will be coming soon for all of my beauties… I also got some great skincare samples from one of the Sephora employees that I’ve befriended – two new types of Glamglow to try that I haven’t yet! STAY TUNED.

 IMPORTANT: I finally saw Banks last night. I missed her at Coachella this year because we got stuck in traffic (I almost cried) and I’ve been waiting since I got my ticket in June to see her again. Her recorded music is spectacular – but it just does not do her pipes justice. Hearing her live was so good it gave me feels and I didn’t even give a fuck. And singing along with her through the show… I died.

I just can’t get enough of Banks, her limit does not exist. I recorded Brain to share and give you a little peek into our night. Right after we went down to the floor and I was in heaven, singing and grooving my icy little heart out. It might have even melted a little.


Now I’m in a state of post-Banks depression, which obviously justifies the Sephora shopping spree I just told you about. Right?

K. That’s all until tomorrow… hope everyone is having a betchy week, and don’t forget to celebrate Wino Wednesday tonight!


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