Can We Talk About Gone Girl?

So, I finally saw Gone Girl and it was thrilling… but now I’m mindfucked.

Two reasons: I haven’t read the book, and I got into an argument with a girl in Lululemon – basically about the ending. She only read the book and wasn’t even sure she wanted to see the movie version… so now I’m concerned I watched it the wrong way and missed key details and like, the entire point.

I’m gonna read the book immediately and then probably need to see the movie again. PS. Rosamund Pike was chilling perfection in this entire film and now I have a big fat girl crush on her.

The World's End - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

While I’m reading, I have questions for whichever Gone Girl you are.

  • If you’ve seen the film – what did you think?
  • If you read the book and don’t want to see the movie, like the girl I talked to at lulu, why? (I have a lot of opinions with movies of books, like Harry Potter is life so I’m curious.)
  • If you’ve read the book and seen the movie, what did you think of the film version???



9 thoughts on “Can We Talk About Gone Girl?

  1. I immediately text my boyfriend and told him this would be us in ten years. I loved her kind of crazy, I only watched the movie also and loved the ending. I’m not sure why but I was very satisfied with how it ended.

  2. Omg- the movie is terrifying, but mainly because Rosamund Pike did such a great job at making us hate her (while simultaneously developing girl crushes on her acting chops/style) as Amy Dunne. I think both are great in their own way, but the book’s character details are amazing- especially Amy’s dialogue on what it means to be a woman/”cool girl.”

  3. I absolutely loved the film. But, I am a total psycho and love anything that gives me a total mindfuck. Like rn, I am binging on The Following via Netflix. Creepy as hell, but super smart & creeps me out. Whatever. I literally wanted to give girlfriend a high five when she was setting up Mr.ILikeToFuckFifteenyearolds for her murder. I was literally smiling in the theatre like, fuck ya, girl power! But then I realized she was crazy pants all the way and likes to murder people. Don’t get me wrong, I have my own hitlist but I wouldn’t actually kill anyone… So, even though bitch has some shit she needs to work on, I loved the movie.

  4. I definitely recommend reading the book. It had much more character development which allows you to appreciate the ending. What you realize after reading is that there is no version of the ending that would have been satisfying. That’s the whole point. The ending is fucked up and twisted just like the characters. It doesn’t have an ending that has been done a million times before. That’s why it’s a fantastic story. I thought the movie did as good of a job as possible without it being a 5 hour long movie. But I don’t think you can watch the movie without reading the book and fully appreciate it.

  5. I read the book first a couple months ago. It’s very well written in the sense that it’s suspenseful and you aren’t sure which characters to trust. At the same time it’s fiction so I read it just as a good story, which is probably why the movie creeped me out so bad. Rosamund Pike was amazing and the perfect psycho. Definitely read the book!

  6. I also saw the movie without reading the book, (in the process of reading it now). I enjoyed the movie up until the ending. I wanted more, I felt it was left open to interpretation, which I suppose is the point. But I felt the story was very solid and suspenseful and I overall liked the movie very much. Like I said previously, I am reading the book now so we’ll see if the book ending changes my mind overall.

  7. I bought the book with the intentions of reading it before the movie came out. Then life happened and I never got around to it. However, I just saw the movie this past weekend and I loved it! While, yes, I have my small criticisms of it, overall I think it was a very good movie. The way they wrapped it up in the end seemed a bit rushed (or did the rest of the movie just seem to drag?) but all in all, I liked it.

  8. I read the book a while ago and I thought the film was fantastic! The book switches narrators between Amy & Nick, which is hard to translate to film but they did a great job! Just like in the 2nd half of the book, the film shows how unreliable they both are. The ending is a little different but I don’t think it takes away from the novel. Also Gillian Flynn wrote the screenplay as well so any time the author is actively involved in the film adaptation, the better the film turns out. DEFINITELY read the book!!

  9. I saw the movie without reading the book too, and I enjoyed up until the return. At that point I was almost like fuck this– I wanted to feel satisfied and the ending didn’t do that– I was mostly horrified, and a *little* justified in my cynicism of marriage. From what I understand, the movie and book endings weren’t THAT different (after all the rumors that it would be) so I’ll probably read it for the more in depth detail and suspense, but the ending will probably have me throwing the book across the room. (I was actually told that I would probably be pissed, which is why I didn’t read the book first.)

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