Dear Amanda: An Epic Twitter Rant.

Amanda Bynes just went on an epic Twitter rant and it was amazing.

I think she used her celebrity status and reach on Twitter for a great good. Shedding light on important topics, however sensitive they may be is so important for breaking the spiral of silence and stigma that surrounds the kind of situation she explained.

Regardless of what happens after this – as shit will certainly hit the fan – I think she brings attention to important topics that need to be discussed in a more open matter – to generate awareness and actually create change in that vicious cycle.

YAS BITCH YAS!!! I don’t think she’s crazy, I believe her and hope she gets the restraining order she wants (assuming this gossip piece from 2013 is true and about her) and the peace and closure or whatever she was looking for from being able to publicly admit this and tell her side of the story, uncensored and in her own words.

Today is Friday, thank fuck, but it’s also the last day of Mental Health Awareness Week. You can see people sharing various types of stories just like she did on the National Alliance on Mental Illness site: You Are Not Alone.

I really hope she has found love and gets married with a People cover. I fucking LOVED her Dear Ashley bit on TV growing up and have mad respect for everything she has undoubtedly been through in her career/life.

I know there was a recent video of her acting weird and twerking on her bodyguard or something, but who the fuck cares? Miley made that shit mainstream so long ago it’s not even worth talking about.

I also wonder how much money she could make on settlement suits for defamation… this makes me wish I had paid more attention in my Communication Rights and Law lecture.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Not sure what I think about this.

Thoughts? Cray or nay, sound off in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Dear Amanda: An Epic Twitter Rant.

  1. I feel like I witnessed an emotional roller coaster. It’s sad because I so beloved that she was saying and was happy to see her doing well and in love and well mentally sane again but that last tweet just threw me for an unwanted loop. Any hope of her getting that restraining order (if she really was going to get one ) is officially ruined. Hopefully someone else tweeted that but if not who knows hopefully she gets true help.

    1. You’re*

      No. I’m trying to create an important discussion around her situation – whether it be the one she claimed earlier with her father or, her mental health issues… and the larger conversation of the stigmas that unfortunately surrounds them.

      I’m not writing a betchy article, I’m trying to generate awareness. That’s using someone who is in the public eye’s *situation* in a constructive manner.

  2. “Microchip in my ear”? Persecutory, grandiose delusions – check. Bizarre dress and behavior – check. Thought disorganization and tangential speech – check… All positive symptoms of perhaps undiagnosed schizophrenia. DAMN.

  3. I was feeling about how you were up until I saw that last tweet. It seemed like she had gotten some control back over her life after becoming healthy again and was using it to sound off about injustices in her life. And more power to her! Obviously we can’t judge, but now the microchip comment makes it really sound like she has gotten sick again. If that’s the case, I hope she gets things back under control soon and her support system continues to be there for her. It’s bad enough that she is dealing with this illness, let alone battling it in a public eye.

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