PSYCHOS: You Need This Notebook.

K, so I was one of “those” girls in college who would sit near the front so I could pay attention… and I took nearly all of my notes by hand. I have to write something down if I want to remember it.

I still write a lot by hand – I find it easier to articulate my thoughts and get them out of my head when I’m putting a pen to paper rather than my fingers to keys. I posted a picture of my draft notebook on Twitter and the psychos went insane.

The exact style I have apparently isn’t available online, but I found better.

The Mead Five Star Notepad. Perforated AND it comes in all those pretty colors! I just bought three. This will change your life, promise. Check out all the colors and buy it here.

The above style isn’t three-hole punched, but deal with it. If you’re needy, here’s an ugly notebook that comes perforated and punched.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve complained about the constraints of regular spiral bound notebook bindings… with the top wire, you can position it to write wherever and however you want. I would def recommend trying one of these if you’re still in school or write by hand for work as I do!


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