Lingerie + Vegas = Life.


PSA: Over the weekend, my blog hit 100k views!!! This was my initial goal when I first started my site almost a year ago now, thinking “I’ll start to take this (myself) seriously then.” It’s been SO crazy to think back to where I started and how far this has all come… I’ve learned so much about myself, who I am and what I want to do professionally  – all because of an anonymous Twitter account I started for the fun of it. Now, I’m not going to stop until all my StoneColdBetch dreams come true. I could not be more proud of how everything has come together so far and can’t wait to see where future opportunities take me.

If you check out my About page or updated FAQ, you’ll see some of the photos from my most recent shoot… I’m working on some more collabs (get excited) right now, plus some KILLER fashion stories I’m writing that I think you guys will absolutely love. Once we leave Vegas this evening, it’ll be back to the stone cold grind. Later this week I’ll share more details about the lingerie startup I’m working with here  – and will be one of the lead stylists as it gets off the ground. In the meantime: a little photo diary of our time so far here and some highlights from the Curve Lingerie + Swim expo yesterday!










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