Greetings from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas! We took the 6am flight out of Seattle and like I can sleep on the plane here – I worked and now I have 17% battery on my laptop plus shopping to do, so today is going to be a quick one.

 First things first, what is Monday without a fresh shade of bitchstick? I’ll be reviewing these two shades from the amazing new Audacious Collection by NARS later this week. Spoiler alert: you absolutely need one – and I’ll be ordering like, five more. 40 shades now available online:


(l-r: ingrid, charlotte)

They’re luscious, the colors are strong and it feels nice as you wear – my fave velvet mattes can feel a bit dry after a long day, these wear better. Speaking of those, I bought Sex Machine, another velvet matte pencil by them which is this gorgeous kind of dusty rose I’m really excited about, and am wearing that right now. I’ll probably need a vote as to which of these new bad boys to wear into the night… stay tuned on my Instagram.

The reason we’re in Vegas is for the Curve Lingerie + Swim Expo. My girlfriend Meagan works for a leading skincare and beauty company and is starting up her own social based direct selling lingerie retailer called Loli Lingerie! I’m going to be one of her premier stylists.


~ on the back of the loli biz cards ~

We’re here to check out the trade show and SHOP. Tomorrow we have appointments with Blush, Eberjey, and Natori with hopefully more after today. I’ll be extensively covering this on here for the benefit of us all (and boyfriends, tell them too). Get excited. We’ll be getting down and dirty with lingerie all day – I LOVE MY LIFE. Kisses, bitches.


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