My Personal Style.

I feel like I get asked to explain or define my sense of style a lot… so obviously I’m going to save us all and just tell my blog. Duh.


 look at me all excited about this post (aka awkwardly laughing at myself for being really awkward on camera while shooting for this post). life is hard, k? moving on…

I would consider myself as someone who has a strong sense of personal style, vs. someone who just wears whatever is ‘trendy’ for that season.  I usually won’t literally buy into them until I’ve decided how it is best incorporated to fit in with my personal style. Like , I’m chic and am kind of an edgy hipster but still classic and individual… yet trendy.

For the most part, I have a semi-uniform that I wear because I know what looks good on me now, which is much different than what used to look good on me when I was heavier. I can talk more about how that aspect of my style has technically evolved later, but I’m almost always in high waisted skinny or straight leg jeans/pants and wear a ton of different tops. I now love wearing cropped tops because I can, but love to wear blouses and graphic tees all the same – my pants are consistent and the rest of my style is wild. How would I really define “my” personal style? I. Can’t.

Let’s play show and tell instead.

 stone cold style: elegant grunge.


Seattle is a city full of creative people and fashion/art inspiration… My style has kind of an urban chic influence – I get a lot of funky ideas from street art, strangers style, window shopping , the architecture, even just walking around one of the many cool spots in the city.

I have a minor leather obsession and honestly can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can start wearing them on the daily. I got this Lovers + Friends cropped long sleeve from PIPE+ROW here in Fremont a few weeks ago and have been wearing it nonstop – a perfect summer to fall transition top, in my eyes… the pendant is Vince Camuto.


There’s nothing I wear more than my fave pair of destroyed cutoffs in the summer – I’ll even bear them into fall with a solid leather (like this one from Allsaints) plus booties or tights if I feel like it.


Lipstick, leopard, and leather are major parts of my signature look. Those three things also give you insta-attitude and are scientifically proven to boost your bitch factor and therefore success in life by 432% per application or wearing. I literally love these Ivanka Trump flats so much but they are seeing their final steps.

SCB IRL: fave recent fits.

My favorite night of the week to get pretty and go out is Thursday, because that’s when Seattle has all the best music (in my humble opinion). I get to see my favorite people and dance my little heart out!!! And sometimes I get white girl wasted too because I mean, COME ON, it happens to the best of us.


This was just last Thursday at Detroit Swindle + Motez, who i love and therefore knew would require a functional fit to dance in. i knotted my Crooks + Castles tee so it was cropped and made the fucking mistake of wearing these high waisted faux-leather leggings from aritzia and was sweating my balls off, but the tunes were great. I was wearing Sex Machine, my new velvet matte pencil from NARS.


I wore this out for Breach + Vanilla Ace. My earrings and that amazing necklace are both from chloe + isabel, my neon shorts are Naven and my top is by Lovers + Friends. I was wearing Diva, a matte from MAC.


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