festiessentials: pro tip #1


Welcome to the first post of my festiessentials series, where I’ll be sharing all of my best, must know buy // try tricks and tips for the betterment of your music festival season this summer.


I think a critical must have for any serious music lover // festival goer is a quality pair of earplugs. You know when you can feel the bass in your face, as in you can’t even hear it because it’s so loud and overwhelming? It’s great for dancing, but not so much your hearing. The drops and big room tunes that rock festival crowds – all that loud sound for prolonged periods of time will add up to do some serious damage. Do yourself a favor, buy a good pair and actually wear them. I know I’ve talked about my headphones before, but V-MODA makes these legit earplugs that are a gem.


Faders come with color options and different sized buds – just $20 for the entire chic little set of ear gear.


 They reduce noise by 12dB so you’ll come back to camp and won’t be deaf, but the quality and depth of sound is preserved when you’re listening with them… These have saved my life time and time again and made it bearable, even enjoyable to spend time next to a speaker. I forgot to bring them down with me to Coachella and literally almost cried. I felt deaf for at least a week after, and coupled with post festival depression just made it a dark time in my life – but then I recovered poolside at my parent’s house in Palm Springs and all was well. Remember, I’m a basic white girl… we recover quickly.


In honor of Throwback Thursday, a selfie wearing mine from Paradiso Festival last June, which was the first one I had them for… it was amazing and my life was forever changed. I have two pairs of the pink (obviously) and what I also love is the cord is detachable so you can hang them like a necklace, tie to your top or remove if you’re just wearing them. When I didn’t have mine in, I would just close them in their case and rock it like a necklace. I’ll get off my safe sound soapbox with this final order, rave babes: get earplugs, and WEAR THEM. You can buy the same pair as me here: V-MODA Faders


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