Ask SCB: How Was Coachella?

This has been the hardest post to try to wrap my head around writing because I have so much I want to talk about and it’s all so different, but it was really all the same and happened in such a short time – the weekend flew by – that I can’t wrap my head around possibly expressing it all in a single post. So, that’s my answer: multiple Coachella posts to make the memories live on. To kick this off, let’s talk about the spaceman wandering the Polo Field this year… We named him Neils On Wheels.

scb adventures + spaceman = coachella.





I got the chance to meet the BEAUTIFUL Emily, who has been another one of my longtime Twitter friends. One of my favorite parts about festivals is that people are generally meeting other new people and creating a unique shared experience – that’s the magic of festivals. It also gives a lot of similar people, friends on social media but not IRL because of this little restriction called geography and the real world, a common adventure spot to finally meet at – like this. I wish I got to meet more of you while we were down there, though I am admittedly anti-stalkerazzi and getting mashed in the hype crowd mosh pit just for a shot on the live stream feed. There’s usually WAY more room to dance, and capturing I’ve found that I capture much better video footage to share with some real estate between myself and the stage, so it’s a win win win.

Below are a few candids and show stills. I won the Pixie Market’s Coachella style contest on Instagram in that floral duster number power pose in the middle! I actually liked my Friday outfit the most, but never took the time to get a proper picture as that was the first day of the festival and I was galavanting between all stages and invading campgrounds and being a versace butterfly (wearing the coolest fringe/tie dye kimono), not trying to take a picture for some street style blog, BUT that’s just me. Coachella is a music festival, not a fashion show. That being said, I have an entire post of opinions about Coachella style for later this week… The Jenners are not on my best dressed, and you won’t see white girl me trying to authentically/ironically pull off a bindi anytime soon.








Hopefully now we all see why it’s taken me a week to bring myself to compile this post… It’s over. I’ve posted all of the footage I managed to get down there on my Youtube channel, and it’s linked on my music page as well. Though I didn’t manage to see/hear everything I wanted (as with any major festival, set times are the most heartbreaking part of every one), I love the diversity and performances I did see over the weekend. The Do LaB was easily the best stage of all Coachella, which makes me BEYOND pumped for all of the greatness that will be at Lightning in a Bottle next month. I spent a lot of my time in the dirty dark dance tent of Yuma, which made for a great dance floor, but I wasn’t on my phone at all. What a weekend, what a WEEEKEND. Is it 2015 yet?

Until next year, Coachella.



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