#ShoppingWithSCB and Coachella Weekend Giveaway!

A very happy Friday to everyone, mostly because I have a lot of great things to say. First of all, let’s all take a moment and congratulate ourselves for making it through the week. *feel free to pop a bottle in your own honor at this point* Now that we’re virtually bubbly buzzed, I present to you…

The Nochella Extravaganza!

Now, before you get all butthurt that I’m bragging about being at Coachella this weekend, be happy that I’m giving you something to do besides hate me for talking about being at Coachella all weekend. I’m just finally figuring out what to pack for day/pool parties, actual Coachella, and after parties, but don’t even get me started on what I’m bringing for shoes, bags, or JEWELRY. Jewelry is mainly the reason I’m still typing… Like I said in my initial post on Tuesday, Saturday kicks off the beginning of the weekend shopping event that I’m bringing you with Jackie from Chloe + Isabel.

Sooo, what does this mean? I’ve hand selected my favorite pieces from the current collections available to bring you guys all the best for spring and summer. c + i has a cool range of baubles and bling that allowed me to personal shop vicariously for everyone else… In the boutique, you’ll find a mix of everything – I don’t discriminate when it comes to accessorizing. I compiled a quick collection on my Polyvore just to give you a better idea of how I’m seeing these pieces come to life.

style inspiration.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.22.18 PM

I had a little too much fun creating looks with this… I don’t know why I wasn’t using it before because I signed up 7 months ago, but I think this will be for me what Pinterest is for most girls – that’s good news for everyone else though. I’ll figure out how to work all of the functions so we can play beauty salon AND dress up, all day every day. K? Moving on.

boutique & giveaway info.

OF COURSE we’re going to do giveaways (we’re in it to win it, you know) so you can win custom selected bling from me, for you! Buy-in is literally required, but another perk of c+i as a company is their prices are actually affordable. I think they mix classic and higher end, timeless looks with contemporary and trendy notes really well – to me, this means I can wear a single piece (like the rings below) with a bunch of different looks and vibes – they’re not specific.

Before I get on with the free free, a few pearls about c+i: the founder, chantel waterbury, basically started it to “empower passionate women through social retail.” Basically, I get to play stylist for all of you because the company is set up in a way that allows people like me and Jackie to directly reach out and interact (style!!!) girls like you. Their jewelry is handcrafted, hypo-allergenic, nickel-free and lead safe – important if you have sensitive skin. The price points are all AWESOME – everything is under 200$, and their manufacturers also produce for Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, and more. This is basically a one stop shop for the badass twenty something with a working girl budget and corner office style. I’m about that life, so naturally I’m obsessed. You will be, too…

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.22.55 PM

These are the first three pieces I picked up – at least one will definitely show up in one of the giveaways. :) In the boutique, you’ll find more than just “stone cold style,” because I went ahead and personal shopped for every kind of girl out there. So, now that we’re all READY to shop, let’s discuss the prizes for doing it.

  • Twitter Giveaway: I’m going to raffle off one of my favorite pieces for one lucky follower to win!
  • Pay to Play Giveaway: Anyone who purchases any item from my collection will be entered, and a random winner will be selected early next week.
  • Stone Cold Stalker Giveaway: This title is a joke, but the prize is for real. Anyone who buys three or more pieces from the collection I curated will be eligible for the ultimate prize.

Mandatory note: All raffle winners will be contacted in the manner which they entered. All giveaway qualifiers will be contacted post-order. If you win or qualify for a free gift with purchase, we will be reaching out after closing up shop – so think about what you’ll want to add! Giveaway winners will be announced on the blog next week. The boutique will open at 12am Saturday for all of you night owls.

Hopefully we all like what I’ve picked out, or this entire weekend sucks. Jk, it’s all fantastic… May the shopping gods/odds be EVER in your favor. xx

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