SCB IRL: Coachella Edition

If you follow me on the internet, you’ve probably seen me white girl at some point over what I’m wearing at Coachella this weekend… Mostly because I want to dress the perfect in-between of chic and too cool to care. Once I’m on the plane, there will be no fucks given. Which means that right now, this is me.

packing with the queen.


“Let’s play dress up!”


This is the best/worst kind of fun.


This was half an hour before I got picked up for the airport, but you know I had a perfectly organized bag AND we were on time… Like I said, I am Queen at airporting.

stone cold coachella style.


As with everything, I’m not sure about anything. The above combo of things (that shirt reads kiss of doom and major kisses to my follower who sent it to me because PERFECT for moi) may end up being what I wear, or I may go in a totally different direction…


Like a high waisted hot pink silk skirt and white Chucks. All-American party princess vs. boho street chic aka I’ll wear whatever I want.

bling & things.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 11.22.55 PM

I tend to stick to my standard style of bracelets and rings with longer necklaces – simple is everything – for these situations. I’m bringing a bunch of different bracelets to stack, statement rings plus a gazillion necklaces. Tomorrow I will be sharing all of the details you’ll need to know to shop the c+i collection I’ve curated for everyone this weekend, so stay tuned.

festie coverage.

As this feels like a grown up spring break extravaganza, I’m going to be busy drinking, dancing and sozializing… I’m going to be snapping some of my fave looks from the weekend for a style recap and likely posting heavily on my Instagram if you want to keep up with my adventures. Festie fits, sets, friends and power poses galore. Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me… And now I hate myself.

So next Tuesday (tentatively) I’ll announce the winners from our giveaways, and later in the week be back home and catching up with posts… Primarily focusing on the Advocare challenge and detox details for everyone interested! Until then, peace and love from the desert. xx

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