overdue: shop with scb giveaway winners!!

I know this is way late of an announcement and I’M SORRY!! to keep everyone waiting to see who won what during my Nochella/Chloe + Isabel shopping event and giveaway. Jackie and I ended up extending my collection on her boutique thanks to a mobile app launch test that she was coordinating with them, so I hope we took advantage! I must admit I was in a haze of post-Coachella depression and haven’t been able to bring myself to accept the fact that it’s over until next year until now… What a perfect weekend, which I’m going to talk about in a dedicated post (soon). These baubles are all coming to me first so that I can send them SWAKOB – Sealed With A Kiss Of Bitchstick. I’ll reach out to the winners on Twitter with details. Now, let’s move on to the good stuff: my bling winning beauties!

twitter winner.

le rococo

For my retweet to win this cocktail ring, typical tweet that everyone does… Happy to officially announce that my winner for this was Skinny Noir! This ring is easily my new fave out of the last jewelry shopping blackouts I’ve been on. I bought it in a size where I can wear it on multiple fingers rather than a fixed finger as I do with so many of my regular rings, a touch of class for the hand.

shopping the scb boutique.

feather ring

I’ve kept my winner for this in the dark up until now. Super excited to announce that the lovely Sammie will be receiving this ring I picked out!! I looked back through everything once my winners were selected and I loved this for her after seeing her order. I debated buying it for myself as well, but I found a few other pieces and had already broken my bank. I like this piece because it’s a dominant statement ring, but still elegant and neutral.

random shopper giveaway.

wrap for felicia

I had to reward one of our late comer shoppers for when we extended our boutique with the mobile test launch, and Felicia is my lucky winner of this wrap bracelet. She happens to be one of my original internet friends and ran quite the successful anonymous account before shutting it down and moving on with her life, but she has returned to grace us with her presence as herself, appropriately the Neon Barbie. That being said, this felt like the perfect piece to add to her collection… I just love how fun this bracelet is. Perfect for summer.

ask scb: did you say statement necklace?


I know I talked about trying to branch out with wearing statement necklaces more, so I went for it and bought one… And a bunch of other stuff. Basically, I’m about to have chloe + isabel christmas. Follow me on Instagram to see all the day to day of my jewelery/fashion & style details. Thanks to everyone who shopped and played!! Diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend…

PS. With the new mobile functionality, next time I’ll basically be able to host a live chat on the app, meaning I can talk to and play stylist for everyone. It’s only like, my goal in life, so get excited k?!



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