WTF, Vogue?

Goodbye to all of your credibility. 

I mean, I get it though. I understand the situation/story with Kanye being a bully or whatever because remember Taylor Swift? Or however much he had to pay to make that happen… You can’t put a dollar sign or value on how much it probably has and will continue to hurt Vogue as a brand. If Kanye was truly the fashion icon he appears to be, he should care more about preserving the standards and value of what landing the cover of Vogue means, than using any means possible (consequently diluting that prestige) by forcing one to happen.

To everyone’s satisfaction, let’s take a moment to think about how much Anna Wintour must hate herself right now for allowing this to happen… After famously saying all of this.

Didn’t Kim first get famous for her sex tape? So… That’s a worthwhile endorsement? K.

Anyway, my true issue is with the use of the hashtag, like the psycho socialista I am. My problem is that it’s not even used ironically, like hashtags should be if they’re ever used in actual print. The function of hashtags is to make terms live and searchable, and obviously you can’t click a magazine cover. Hashtags aren’t real life – GROUNDBREAKING!!! I can’t believe that #1: It’s “world’s most talked about couple” because that’s practically a tweet in itself (that’s strategic of them) and #2: They didn’t mean it ironically. Mags with a different audience or a younger, more connected market, this could work… Instead it makes Vogue look like they’re trying way, way too hard. All this does is make them look out of touch, and when you consider our current circumstances here, I believe it. There’s just a lot of wrong going on with this one. I’m confused, and I don’t like it. Weren’t we supposed to trust Vogue and their thought leadership for all things fashion?

Another note: selfie-made Kate Upton and “the rise of the social media supermodel” because now I seriously hate them. I can’t even. Bye.

xx SCB

2 thoughts on “WTF, Vogue?

  1. I agree on all points made. If Vogue does have a full on fall from grace what magazine or magazines have the potential to be a replacement, in your opinion?

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