seattle’s super weekend of bowls.

i know it’s already wino wednesday, but remember: we just won the super bowl and welcomed our trophy home, today. i’m late on whatever i said i was going to talk to the internet about. sue me. stop reading. (don’t)

besides the fact that this weekend was essentially dedicated to all things seahawks and any relevant 12th man duties (like wearing a jersey at all times and ending conversations with a Go Hawks! exchange rather than goodbye) i also squeezed in some real life?? shocker. even i’m impressed with myself.

thursday: is the new friday. my fave q nightclub was graced with oliver dollar, also when i chose to debut my *super fly* new nike wedge kicks… my friend offered to cut off half his foot to be able to get them on (those bad boys are a 7.5 but they needed to be in my life and they fit and i don’t know i’m lucky to have small feet and be tall? sorry not sorry it’s so clutch). score one for the fresh white girl on the block. usually i try to stay out of pictures because i’ll be in a varying state of white girl wasted, but we got a cute one, aka this was clearly early in the night. i think i’m wearing luxembourg by nars.


friday: is the new sunday. i was planning to stay in and do work or nothing at all because i’m secretly a grandma… but then gay bff informed me that he was interviewing late night alumni, who were opening for myon and shane 54, plus my main man DJ FooFou was up first, and extra credit: it was at the showbox, which is the actual best venue in seattle, so going to that show was a nondecision. amazing, unplanned night of dancing and debauchery.





wpid-20140131_224407.jpgit’s so sparkly, i’m gonna dieeeeEEee!!!

what’s great about the market if you can’t tell from the photos is that it’s built like a mini-ampitheatre. and has amazing chandeliers. you can sit with the 21+ crowd and groove in the bar at the “back,” which as you can see… is still quite close up. any seattleite with taste will probably name this spot as their favorite venue.

skip forward to some point – we got wind that *~*~* seahawks strains *~*~* were available in our friendly neighborhood medical marijuana dispensaries… we can’t possibly win the super bowl if we don’t have dat medical mary jane to match our jerseys. it’s just not right, that a 12 wearing a richard sherman jersey, shouldn’t be smoking on some richard sherman og to honor his spirit during the pre-game show. it would be a travesty. plot twist: we then went out to celebrate after actually winning and i met the owner of said dispensary, and so basically i won the local super bowl, literally. they also have dope branding so the stickers they gave us landed themselves a nice piece of real estate on the great collage of desk.



above: #BEASTMODE. below: richard sherman. (rt if jealous)


since the weekend was really football over fashion, i didn’t wear much makeup – friday, i turned into a vamp queen. sunday: i went superstitious with my signature lip color funny face. i wore liner with both of these, and now i’m obsessed with how sharp of a look it creates and the depth it adds. like, you know i’m a psycho about this kind of thing. but see what i mean?



it’s not outfit repeating if it’s a uniform, duh. last call: can we talk about how well i did with varying my lipstick choices over the weekend? that’s my adhd at its finest. i’ll have a more in depth how-to with recommends for liner before the week is over for my little beauties, obviously everyone needs to be in on these stone cold tricks.

xx SCB

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