ask scb: do you fill in your brows?

One of my Twitter followers asked if I fill in my brows, and it’s a good question – I do. Being the kind of girl I am, I have a few different products that I use on a regular basis depending on the situation or look I’m going for. The main three I use and combo are below.

Filling in your brows is a critical step in creating and finishing off an effortless yet polished look. I feel like brows are a hugely underrated feature of the face that more people need to pay attention to, and finally are because of homegirls like Cara Delevingne coming in so hot. Basically, the art of the eyebrow makes me happy.

Cara D browsmeow.

Eyebrows are my favorite. I’m the only one in charge of mine, so I’m taking all credit for how great they are. However, they look forever fabulous with the help of a little feathering via brow pencil. Once, when I was young and dumb, I let someone wax them too thin. Growing them out was terribly awkward – I think we’ve all been there. Someone remind me to #TBT a thin eyebrow picture one day… PS. I’m probably blonde. I’ve made a bad beauty decision here and there, but keep in mind I’ve had a vanity and actively practicing since age three. Now, here are my faves for filling attitude into your arches.


  • NARS Eyebrow Pencil: I use Jodphur with this one, it’s a great pencil to use if your brows are generally on the thinner side as the coverage is good – it is still a pencil, so slightly less precision than an automatic like the Anastasia unless you keep it really sharp (I’m lazy).
  • MAC Penultimate Brow Marker: This is my all-time fave. I probably have three open right now and two in boxes for safekeeping. Super precise, sharp felt-tip pen type brush that is awesome to lightly layer over a pencil for a sharp, perfect shape.
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz: I use the soft brown, this one is perfect to just lightly fill in a sparse spot as it goes on nice and light and has the self-sharpening tip, a convenience bonus in my book. All of the Anastasia brow products are phenomenal (the lady who FIXED my brows trained with this company, so I have a huge bias to love them – and their products are all fab), I’ve never tried a brow powder but I hear good things about the ones they make.

Do you have a fave brow filler?

Tweet me about it! I’ll try anything in the name of beauty once, and maybe you’ll be invited for an internet brow-off. ;)

xx SCB

2 thoughts on “ask scb: do you fill in your brows?

  1. Benefit Gimme Brow is my all-time favorite (but also the only one I have ever used) regardless I love it and it is beyond easy to use.

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