shopping with the queen

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may have missed that I went shopping in REAL life this past weekend. Usually I relegate myself to trolling the internet for whatever perfect, must-have piece that I feel like for some five minutes of my life, but this time we went searching for style all over Seattle.


I always wear standard attire for shopping – versatile, basic, where it’s easy to throw stuff on while shopping the floor, etc. I never know what I’m looking for or what I might find, so simple basics with any kind of an edge is my go-to look of choice. This one was my Nasty Gal leather that I got for super cheap during a sale, my fave skull scarf, a burnout black tee, Steve Madden boots and Hermes belt. Those Skull Cashmere gloves are literally the best things I’ve bought all winter, I think I wear them more than I do lipstick – don’t tell.

As far as shopping Seattle, we headed up to Broadway to see what was good on the floor at Urban Outfitters. Looked through to find a few good items there, mostly home trinkets – MY FAVE. I found some new books, notebooks, and some pieces for my great wall of collage (office) in there. I feel like stores like UO that offer a wide variety of “stuff” are really hit or miss… I also think it’s always worth it to scour the sale racks/bins in those stores, because you can find hidden gems (my flower painting, I believe). This ended up being more of a home styling/things finding trip than a shopping one. Which was fine, because then we stopped in at Throwbacks NW and I grabbed a dooope Seahawks sweatshirt in the spirit of the Super Bowl. After that, we headed way out to BELLEVUE (I don’t really care for Bellevue so much as the real city) to hit up the newly opened Urbanity. If you’ve followed me on Instagram then you know about Rich Kids, they carry that line as well as many of the other edgier, fresh ones that I have to go online for usually – I was in heaven. Most notable were a killer pair of Nike wedge kicks… I died.









All in a day’s work. Now I need to sell my soul to make sure I still have money to buy makeup I don’t need. I don’t want to talk about this night, because I thought I lost my phone. Not a story worth repeating. I hope my friends still love me…

xx SCB

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