spring halo shopping

Big thanks to That Madonna Girl for releasing a side halo, because I’ve been thirsting for one since I knew they were going to be a thing. It’s called the Bella and it’s indeed beautiful. Pink is going to be hot for spring, this one is a winner.TMG bella What I’m really excited about is I feel like this halo will compliment a side part really well – I love to wear a middle part, but my hair is naturally kind of curly so if I’m not blowing it out and styling it, it often parts naturally off to the side. I’m thinking loose curls off to one side for a weekend, or a messy side braid with this one weaved in. The worst part about shopping online is waiting, I WANT IT NOW NOW NOW.

I can’t leave my new baby new halo all by her lonesome, so I also got the Alyssa because the color looks phenom and that’s all the reason I need.

TMG alyssa

xx SCB

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