in yesterday’s makeup bag.

Thank god for Hell on Heels Girl, who brought to my (you’re welcome) attention that MAC’s Heroine lipstick is available online. On Nordstrom. Online. Only online. Pause your life.

mac heroine

I can never buy just one lipstick (that would be so sad) and I tend to like things in threes, so along with the beautiful Heroine I picked up a super bright new pink from them that I plan to test out on a sunny day when I’m feeling especially bold. I also had to get Rihanna’s Viva Glam too, because Rihanna. I don’t even know what to do with myself with all of this new… I might have to be social just so I have a reason to wear them in public. This is not me complaining.

mac viva glam mac yumLipstick ensures attitude, which is basically winning everything in life.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 12.35.38 AM And then these samples as well because who ever really knows what they’re gonna be like? Stay tuned for when snail mail delivers these goodies. xx

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