wearing full frontal + naked 2

After posting a #selfie of my look for dinner last night and seeing all of the responses, I figured it would be worth breaking down in a post for my stone cold beauties. I debuted a new lipstick that I bought here in Maui at Cos Bar (probably one of my favorite places on earth) and the color forced me to change up my very comfortable routine of gold/copper toned lids, because violet. It’s sort of a muted tone, but it looks beautiful on and the texture is really smooth – this particular line would be user-friendly for those who aren’t so comfortable wielding a tube of lipstick as a weapon of beautification. Whatever.


PRO TIP: Put any lipstick you’re not sure how to wear on a naked face before applying anything – then build your look around what’s complimentary to the color and looks good to you. Once your face is done, go back and finish off your lips per my instructions – or, just touch up if you’re a pro pouter like myself. That way, your lipstick becomes its own look rather than just another detail while getting ready. PS. If you need a refresher course with lipstick tips, refer to this post.

I promise this one isn’t even hard to recreate, I just used the Naked 2 palette for eyes and kept the rest of my face natural for the most part. My favorite part about Hawaii is how it forces you to be lowkey with your routine… The recurring theme of this trip was crop top/cutoffs/something to hide my hair/lipstick. Here’s the step-by-step for eyes:

  1. Foxy: I consider this my primer shadow and almost always use it as a base when I’m wearing color on my eyelids. Sweep a thin layer over your entire lid to coat it and ensure they’re ready for the real party. Consider this a pregame for your lids.
  2. Bootycall: Used to highlight under my brows, emphasis under the arch. This is one of my fave pearly shades to use – it’s a daily wear for me to highlight my brows. If you don’t do this step in your normal routine, ADD IT IMMEDIATELY. GAMECHANGER.
  3. Verve: I technically put on two coats of this. The first should be a broad layer – extend just out of your crease and blend up and out towards Bootycall, they look great blended in together… Second should be to intensify the color and concentrate around your eyeline/actual eyes to bring focus to them, which will help to ground your new lip color as well – I’ve found layering shadow in this method is key for balancing out a particularly vibrant shade.
  4. Mascara: I brushed on a full coat of They’re Real, plus a little extra on outer lashes for good measure – the top of their wand is great for adding subtle drama.

After that, I just touched up my lipstick and was out the door. I am having a slight obsession over this color right now so expect to see it worked into many more looks once I’m home… And I have more new looks to share. :) If you have opinions, questions or just want to love me, tweet me or forever hold your peace. Unrelated: Now I’m thinking about going home and how I don’t have a dress for NYE yet?! Like, boo – you whore. I guess it’s time to go shopping… xx