OMG, I love your necklace! Where did you get it?

A ton of girls complimented my necklace and asked where I got it when we went to Q for Kingdom this weekend, so I figured it would be worthwhile to share for all my internet friends as well. My hair stylist Jennie at Salon Divas here in Seattle is a rep for Stella & Dot (shop her site there) so while I’m ombre-ing, I try on all the pieces she has in-salon, and then rampage the website. It’s a really bad habit, which is why I try to keep my haircuts as far apart as possible. I wore this one out with just a black cropped tee and high waisted skirt with sheer tights and ankle boots. PS. Dancing on tables is a surprisingly impressive workout, I’ll have you know.

stella&dot necklace

I used to hate buying jewelry before I discovered what a gem online shopping is for that specific purpose. Like, go be harassed on a retail floor for the same standard pieces everyone already has, or scour the interwebs for a unique piece or two from the comfort of my own home? No contest.

They’re constantly adding pieces so it’s actually enjoyable to check up on what’s new. A bunch of my other fun pieces are from there – the quality is solid and styles reflective of what the current “look” is. If you’re buying expensive shit or something as a gift, I would not suggest buying it blindly online. I’m talking about our 30-40$ necklaces that are meant to go to parties. My logic: they’re affordable, so I’m not actually scared to wear them out – it’s brilliant. Shop now and then we can compare our picks/drool over all of the new pieces I snapped up when I go see what’s good on their site later this week. xx