vs pic 2012

During the Fashion Show tonight, drink or take a shot when the following occurs:

  • Every time your favorite color appears
  • Every time you see your hair color
  • Every time someone tweets or posts about dieting
  • Every time someone says an angel “isn’t even that pretty”
  • Drink for Shapewear
  • Every time someone is covered in Swarovski crystals
  • Every time a kiss is blown
  • Every time an imaginary heart is drawn
  • Every time you want to cry

*~*~* may the odds be EVER in your favor *~*~*

If you have any good additions that would be relevant as *kickoff* of this ladies Super Bowl 2013 is about to begin, please tweet QueenSCB or leave a comment below. Condolences for how poorly this will end, I can’t be credited with all of the brainpower of such rules. Please be advised that the legal drinking age is 21 and I don’t advise that anyone actually listen to me. Thanks for playing!

(ps. you can follow my Instagram for other fun shit, like which models would you fuck, kill or marry?! more to come xx)

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