Once upon a time…

There was a rich little bitch locked up in a rainy, faraway land full of marijuana trees and coffee beans… Her philosophy was carpe diem for herself, and laissez-faire for others. (K, so that’s actually a F. Scott Fitzgerald quote… but it totally applies.)

talulah lookback

I’m Nicole, just your average digital girl living in a material world, oversharing about her ironic white girl life on social media. My personality type is grade-A psycho, which is why Babe Walker and I are like, literal besties… Psychos stick together. Speaking of: I’m a Pisces – Gemini rising – Cancer moon. You know what I mean, right? Your natal chart is everything. Google it.

StoneColdBetch is a personal lifestyle blog for the modern woman.

This space is my happy place to share hard learned tips and tricks for how to look your best – even if you feel like a hot mess. It’s a platform where I can creatively bring my passions together and share them with the world. From talking about my favorite beauty products and fashion trends, home decor and style inspiration, or how I lost ~50 pounds, to sharing photo diaries from my travels and music festival adventures… StoneColdBetch is like the digital version of my life.

I hope that by sharing my personal life and the real stories that go along with it, I will help inspire others to pursue their passions, live their dream and create a life they love. Once I discovered that I was capable of “making it” on my own doing just that – I felt truly empowered, independent, and free. I am so, so grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had because of this blog and the support of my readers (aka my best internet friends). My goal is to create a community that empowers women to defy society’s limited ideas of who they should be, in favor of being everything they want to be.

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10 thoughts on “About STONECOLDBETCH

  1. Queen! Please do a post about how to stay sane wile working from home, and how to set up a cute and functional office space! Also i’m just curious as I live in Seattle too, did you buy your house or do you rent it? The decor is fab. Thanks for everything!


  2. @robi sims I use the glamglow supermud regiously!! It really does pull all of the gunk out of your pores. The mask is a little drying, so I only use it once a week, but it is also a great spot treatment! Hope this helps!

  3. Hey! So when I went into Sephora to get a new skin care regimine they recommended the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment and obviously wanted to ask the best (aka youuu) about it. It has charcoal in it which is supposed to literally draw the gunk out of your pores. Is this a hoax? Does it work? Is it bad for you? Have you heard of it or used it? Help. Por favor and gracias.

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