WTF Is Going On With The Stars Right Now??? | November Astrology Roundup

Welcome to Scorpio Season!

We had a New Moon in Scorpio on Halloween and shit has hit the fan ever since… Now Donald Trump is our future President. Everything is fucking weird.


Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by Pluto – ancient god of the netherworld and dead. In astrology, Pluto rules regenerative forces and the beginning and end of phases in life. Scorpio is passionate, loyal, persistent, emotional, mysterious, intense, secretive, and unyielding.

While we’re still in Scorpio season, today is the day of a HUGE full moon in Taurus – literally. It’s a supermoon, and will be the closest the moon has been to earth since 1968. Taurus is s fixed earth sign, ruled by Venus. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty and the arts, pleasure, emotions. In astrology, Venus’s influence inclines toward a love of luxury and exceptional creative ability. From The Hoodwitch article linked below, “The Taurus Full Moon ask us to nurture the neglected and wounded parts of ourselves, reconnect to nature, and our physical  bodies.  Use this moon energy to illuminate our heart center and our shadows.”


((photo cred: Chani Nicholas))

As per request, I am working on an “intro to astrology” article, where I will explain what your natal (birth) chart is and how to interpret it, plus more basic info. For more about your horoscope (i.e. to find your moon and rising signs, plus planet placements) and how to really interpret it for personal growth and benefit, you need to know the TIME of your birth if possible, to get the most accurate natal chart.

I’ll write a post about moon cycles after we get the astrology basics down, but here’s the 411: New moons are for writing intentions and then manifesting that ishhh into your life, and full moons are for releasing all of the shit that no longer serves YOU and your progress to becoming your best self. If you’re familiar with moon cycles and/or want to start working with them, here is a great full moon ritual you can do (and I will be, too) from Danielle of Mystic Lipstick: Supermoon in Taurus Ritual.


Now, let’s try to get a grip on our lives via our horoscopes. Below I’ve linked some general articles plus more info about the supermoon in Taurus from my fave email newsletters/websites and blogs I regularly read for information and advice.

You can read your rising sign’s horoscope too, and some people may generally identify more with that aspect of themselves (or their moon sign) than their sun. I’m a Gemini rising and a fair amount of air in my chart, so I find it’s useful to read both Pisces and Gemini. A lot of people don’t connect with astrology at first because they’re like, “my sun sign doesn’t describe me!” Well, maybe it will resonate more once you learn about your rising and moon signs. Here is what Chani Nicholas says about reading for your sun/rising signs in her posts:

Horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. They both contain important information. You’ll know which resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, leave the rest.”

Below are a few Twitter accounts of my favorite astrologers, who I get readings from and they are great sources of info if you want to learn more on your own. They’re amazing ladies, full of insights and useful/applicable info and advice.

  • @MysticxLipstick: Danielle is the gorgeous astrologer behind Mystic Lipstick who I regularly get readings with and is one of the most exceptional Twitter accounts I follow for realistic and hysterical astrological information and advice. Her “tea time” about the signs is literally the greatest thing ever. Follow her.
  • @starheal: I’ve had two readings with Amy and the first one blew my mind. She delved into what aspects really mean and taught me soooo much. Her attention to detail with astrology is something that I really appreciate… She does readings via Skype chat so you have all of her thoughts and info saved, which is great. I have gotten a lot of guidance from her as far as dealing with my own inherent shortcomings and managing myself better.
  • @starsmoonandsun: I am constantly cracked up by Danielle’s blunt, to the point info about the signs. Her perspective is so fresh for someone like me, and she will tell you how it is. She’s really responsive in answering astrology questions, and I hit her up A LOT. She also does a regular tarot card reading on her YouTube channel that I love.

If you don’t know, now you know that I *love* astrology. I was first turned onto it by a friend of mine in college and have gotten more and more into it ever since — not surprising, as I’m a Pisces. Also: Gemini Rising and Cancer Moon… I’ll talk about the rest of my chart in my Astrology 101 post soon. Leave any questions or astrology related post requests in a comment!

If you’ve never gotten into astrology before, maybe now is the time to start. I know it might seem weird to put faith in the stars or believe they have any relevance to or influence over us… but seriously, Donald Trump is going to be President, so what do you have to lose?


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