STRESS VITAMINS: What Are They And Do They Work?

Hi guys. Hi.

Happy Thursday… Kinda wish it was already Friday though. I mean, right? This week has been fucking weird and I’m over it. If you’re stressed out about your life, rights, the current state of the world, whatever… Join the club.

Stress is a major problem for everyone. It makes us distracted, unhappy, impatient, rude, sad, anxious, less creative, depressed, drunk, the list goes on… It affects every person differently but I think we all agree we have too much of it.


Basically, we’re all stressed and going crazy inside for any variety of reasons. It’s fucked up. If your eternal mood is “GET OFF MY BACK,” you might need to take a step back.


Breathe again.


Keep going. You can do it.

I am someone who is typically good at managing my stress, however sometimes when I get overwhelmed with work (aka work stress), it activates a ton of anxiety in me because I feel like I’m incapable and over my head… Which I’m not. I am completely capable and confident, when my life’s not getting hijacked by anxiety and stress.

I’m not perfect, but I’m working on it.

Recently, a new health and wellness company called OLLY reached out to me, wanting to send me a stress care package. YES, PLEASE!!! They just launched a new product called Goodbye Stress, which is meant to naturally reduce stress with GABA, L-Theanine, and Lemon Balm. Bye bye, bad vibes!

DISCLAIMER: I was gifted 3 months of Goodbye Stress vitamins from OLLY to try. As always, opinions in this post are completely honest and my own.

OLLY says they’re all about making nutrition “delightful and delicious.” To be honest, I was pretty skeptical when I first got these. Vitamins, to help with stress? It made me think of those Luden’s cherry cough drops that taste great but don’t actually do anything for a throat or cough… Okay OLLY, let’s see what you got.


So, I’ve added them to my vitamin/supplement routine over the last month… and these yummy little fruity gummies are actually legit. I totally feel a difference, and it’s quick — they go to work ASAP, with the key actives kicking in within 30-60 minutes.

I’m not promising that you’ll go from “shave your head from stress” a la Britney Spears to being Buddha, but I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my mental and emotional resiliency to stress/stressful situations or work from taking these. I am mentally more chill with myself when I take them than vs. not when going through regular stuff during my day.


NOTE: I want to call out that I also take 5-HTP and B12 daily, which are different supplements that help with similar issues. If you’re looking into ways to support yourself and better manage anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, stress, etc. then these may be useful to look into as well… However, remember that I am not a licensed health professional giving advice. I am just sharing my experience and what I’ve found that works for me, and hopefully it will help some of you, too.

My point here is really just to DO. YOUR. RESEARCH. Don’t just jump into something because someone told you it would be a good idea to do  — btw, this advice goes for basically anything in life.

PS. If you are taking any prescription medications, definitely check with your doctor before trying anything new.


These Olly vitamins have three main active, all-natural ingredients that give you a sense of calm in this crazy world of chaos: GABAL-Theanine, and Lemon Balm, blended to counter the acute effects of stress and mental tension.

GABA promotes mental and physical calm while maintaining alertness and focus, and it has a soothing effect on the nervous system that also helps support normal blood pressure. GABA and L-Theanine are natural calming agents that support production of alpha brain waves that counter stress symptoms. Lemon balm is a natural botanical that has been used for centuries to relieve tension.

Overall, I really like these. If you guys are feeling overwhelmed and are looking for a bit of natural support, give these a try! There’s so much going on right now that we all need to be better about taking EXTRA good care of ourselves. Take a relaxing epsom salt bath, take yourself out to dinner, get offline and get lost in a real book. You deserve it.


Namaste, bitches.

You can use the code “PEACE” for 20% off your order at! I’ll def reorder from their site once I finish the samples they sent me… Maybe not for daily use, but I for sure want these on hand in case I have an extraordinarily tough day to deal with. Goodbye Stress is $14 and there are 21 servings in there. They also have a ton of other products, like smoothies, multi-vitamins and other supplements like Goodbye Stress they define as “Wellness Boosts.” GIVE ME ALLLLLLL THE BOOSTS.

What do YOU do to effectively self-manage your stress? Please share your de-stressing secrets in the comments…


15 thoughts on “STRESS VITAMINS: What Are They And Do They Work?

  1. Would these help with depression as well? Ive been dealing with depression since i came off of antidepressants. The funny thing is, i didnt have depression before the meds, i took them for anxiety. Im currently withdrawing from pristiq and its a nasty process. Ive been doing constant research and im kinda scared to even try anything :(

  2. Hi there! I just read through your post on Olly stress vitamins! I am going to pick some up and do a review of them myself… Ill link to your blog on my post if I like them… which I’m sure I will :)

  3. Girl you totally got me wanting these now… I’m thinking of making my move to NYC in the next few months and this sounds like it’d keep my panic at bay! Do you know how it works with also taking Paxil by any chance?

    1. I take them most every day during the week, they are awesome! Have you tried any of the other OLLY vitamins? I got the skin ones but am curious about everything else they have, haha. xx

  4. Just picked some of these up. How long did they typically last for you? Did you take more than one “dose” per day? The packaging is a little deceptive: don’t take more than the recommended dose, but a dose is “take 2 gummies as needed.” Um – hello – could you be more cryptic? Just curious what your experience was!

    1. Haha, I know those directions aren’t the most clear. I just take 2 a day, in the morning after breakfast. It takes about 30 mins for them to kick in, I’d say the effects are noticeable throughout the work day – when I really need/care about stress support. I def ate like 6 during the shoot for this review, but I don’t think it’s like, TOXIC to take more than 1 dose a day… Your body just probably can’t metabolize and use over the amount they put in the “recommended dose,” would be my guess. Hope this helps! xx

  5. Oh I definitely need to try these out! I love using my essential oil diffuser when I’m feeling anything other than ‘normal’ – stressed, anxious, upset, tired, headache…etc.

    1. I use my diffuser ALLLLL the time! It sits on my desk so I can mix something up for stress, creativity, focus, etc. They are such game changers!

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