SEPHORA STEALS: Peter Thomas Roth Face Mask Sampler Pack!

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned my most recent Sephora splurge shopping spree on the blog yet – but I went, and I spent.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I talk about beauty products that I personally purchase and use and love. I also talk about the shit I buy that doesn’t live up to expectations. And I share my thoughts on stuff I’m sent to review, both from new lines I get to introduce you guys to as well as the bigger name brands we know and love.

Today, I’m sharing one of my recent favorite finds at Sephora so I can justify how much I spent (it happens to the best of us). Meet the Peter Thomas Roth Mask-A-Holic Kit.


PS. No, this is not a sponsored post. I am literally just trying to justify how much I spent at Sephora the other week… More posts to come with my full haul soon.

It’s basically a jumbo sampler pack of huge samples of their best selling masks. I’ll start with my favorite — the Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black MaskIt’s kinda scary to wear as it’s a bright, glossy black, but the results are worth it. The kind of mud that this mask is made of has the highest level of organic content in the world, is rich in nutrients, essential minerals, and potent antioxidants. The activated charcoal works like a magnet to draw out impurities and toxins from pores – and it seriously does that. My skin looks like it does post-facial but without all the painful blackhead extractions. I’m obsessed.


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Next up… the 24K Gold Pure Luxury Lift & Firm Mask. I think PTR is best known for the range of 24K gold infused products – this mask, the sheet mask, and the eye patches… For how absurdly luxe this seems, it’s brightening and tightening. Your skin looks refreshed and feels glorious. Put this on and enjoy a glass of wine. Treat yourself. You’re worth it.

I admit, sometimes I break down and pick at my skin. Sometimes it’s innocent, sometimes it gets totally out of hand and I’m left 20 minutes later with an angry, bright red face. But at least all that gunk is gone, RIGHT?! Um, maybe. But now my face is angry with me. I slathered on the Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask after doing this last week, and it helped calm my skin down, minimize redness/peeling/general irritation from going psycho on it. It’s geared toward anti-age repair but I think that’s basically the same as what I was doing.

To be totally honest, I haven’t tried the Pumpkin Enzyme Dermal Resurfacer Mask yet but I’ll update this post and let you guys know what I think when I do.

The disappointment in this set for me was the Cucumber Gel Extreme Detoxifying Hydator Mask. First, I think they overshot by calling it detoxifying… It’s definitely hydrating and refreshing but I’d leave any detox claims to the wonderful black mask I already raved about. When I tried it, it literally melted off my skin. It wasn’t even that hot out… The consistency is just too runny and it doesn’t stay put. I got my hands gooey trying to catch drips and drops sliding down my face. It was gross, and I am not a fan.

The sampler pack is $75, but when you consider the full size counterparts of these are all between $52-80, and each sample is 1.7 oz — you’re getting a ton for your money… Plus, a little goes a long way with these. I have used most twice and feel I’ve barely dipped in.

Has anyone tried the Peter Thomas Roth masks before? I’m a huge fan now… I also picked up these 24K gold sheet masks, which are ridiculously luxe. Let me know in a comment what your favorite mask of the moment is to give me inspo for the next time I’m shopping for new ones to try!


15 thoughts on “SEPHORA STEALS: Peter Thomas Roth Face Mask Sampler Pack!

    1. Ahhh YAS! Let me know how you like it :)) I just tried the pumpkin mask for the first time tonight and am in love with the smell and how it worked for my skin. Lmk what your fave is once you try them all! x

    1. If you’re talking about the Irish Moor Mud Mask, it doesn’t IMO. I think GlamGlow has a lot more active ingredients and promises with it and so my skin feels smooth/bright/even with GG, but the mud helps to actually balance my skin and detox it and suck out any gunk. The Pumpkin one is more like GG even though it seems totally different — very exfoliating and reinvigorates your skin to glow.

  1. Ugh it’s like you’re trying to get me to splurge on these. But face masks are literally my fave ever. I’ll probably wait til the vib sale because let’s face it, I’m poor as fuck from spending money on all this kind of bullshit. It’s expensive looking beautiful huh?

    1. Masking saves lives (or at least my sanity). Def try to grab them during the sale if you wanna try them all but if you have a specific type of mask you love, just spring for one IMO. It’s so expensive… BUT FUN

      1. O M G that is amazing thanks so much for telling me. I’ll have to make a new post and share about this bb pack! I totally need to buy it just for travel. YOU’RE THE BEST xx

  2. Did you feel like the mud mask burned your skin? I keep wanting to try but I’m seeing a lot of reviews that say it hurt too much!

    1. Hey! No, the mud mask definitely didn’t burn my skin – I’m surprised to hear that because I have the most sensitive skin ever and other “detox” masks (even those with natural/high quality ingredients) irritated the shit out of my skin. I think if you exfoliated right before it, maybe it would tingle – but I didn’t have any redness afterwards or anything. Hope that helps, I REALLY like it. xx

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