How To Watch & Join My Live Stream, Tonight at 6:30p PST!

It’s official… I’ll be back on Strobe for another live stream tonight!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 2.23.21 PM

I’m logging on at 6:30pm PST to hang out with you guys and take questions, do makeup, talk about how to deal with fuckboys, etc. As per usual, nothing is off limits with me.

I did a Periscope about a week ago and couldn’t keep up with the questions, so I’m getting a few ready in advance. There’s an actual chat feature for Strobe, so I’ll be able to keep much better track tonight.

If you have any questions you want covered on my stream, leave me a note in the comments! You can ask in the chat once I’m on, too… Here are a few general topics I’m gonna cover so you guys know what to look forward to:

  • One beauty product I can’t live without
  • The festival I’m going to in Vegas this weekend
  • Have I had eyelash extensions and would I recommend them?
  • Essential oils
  • Advice for aspiring bloggers
  • Favorite books

ALSO — and probably most importantly, I will be revealing my epic new mani design I got yesterday once I’m live!! I went in for some post-Coachella pampering last night and am waiting until my stream to show you all since I knew people would be offline since it was late. Just trying to be fair… But I’ll have you know it involves a black bedazzled fuck you finger, so get excited.

Subscribe to my Strobe page so you can join in on the chat and get a text notification once I’m live… and if you have any questions, ask me in a comment and I’ll answer them during my stream! Tune in to watch here.


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