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First things first – how do we like my new theme? I changed it last night because I was bored and trying to refresh my inspiration with a new blog layout.

I also brought back a page I think people really liked as it’s a good way for you to find your favorite posts:

OKAY SO, what’s been new? I can’t believe the month is nearly over… I feel like it was just New Year’s Eve but it’s already three weeks into the new year. I’ve been really boring lately – since getting back from Dubai early this month, I haven’t been doing much besides working, working out, sleeping, happy hour-ing with my girlfriends (my boyfriend was gone for the last two weeks at BPM in Mexico) or running errands… Basically I’ve been getting my life together like a real adult. Like I said, boring.

This morning I met my friend Mia and we went on a hike up to the observatory at Griffith Park. The clouds blew off and it was sunny and mid-60’s – a perfect day to be outside.


This hike is pretty lowkey, it’s much easier than Runyon which I’ve done a handful of times. It’s a “doable when you’re hungover” kind of hike, which I wasn’t today but I’ve noted it for future reference. We laughed about this on the way up – how it’s the kind of workout you could do with a headache and not want to pass out but then feel really good that you did anything at all… those days happen to the best of us.


At the top when you get to the observatory you get a birds eye view of all of LA, plus a look at the Hollywood sign. If you continue on that way, there’s a park right under the sign you can hike to.


We wanted to go inside the observatory but it opens at noon and we were there about 11:30, so no luck this time. We trekked back down and got on our way… I headed back downtown and came home to make lunch, do my daily Tracy Anderson Metamorphasis video sesh – if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’ve been trying this out – do some work, and get ready to go down to the South Bay for a paleo workshop at Whole Foods by none other than Mary, the Paleo Chef herself.


She was making us some of her bacon chopped slaw, which was delicious. I MEAN, BACON. Mary and I actually first connected on Instagram or Twitter and became internet BFF’s, then I found out she lives in the LA area and was putting on a presentation at Whole Foods and the rest is history. She’s as hilarious and engaging IRL as she is on Instagram and I’m newly inspired to get my healthy cooking on with a bundle of new recipes we received in her #EatPlayCrush 5 day guide.

 ALSO!!! I got a new planner for 2016. I posted about my Erin Condren life planner I used last year, and this year I tried a new one from Design Love Co. They’re fairly similar in overall design but my new one has a couple of key things the EC one lacks in my opinion that make it much more useful.

I’ll be posting about it in more detail soon. I can’t wait to finish filling it all in and then sharing all the deets and features with you guys, my fellow organizational psychos. Get it here: 2016 Design Love Planner

 Sorry this was such a random/rambling post. I have a bunch of bigger pieces of content that I’m almost finished with and wanted to write a quick update about what’s been going on in the meantime… This year has started off so quickly, I’m having a hard time keeping my head straight or my feet on the ground. Anyone feel the same? 2016, I can already tell you’ll be a piece of work.

What have you guys been up to? What’s the 411? Give me all the hot gossip. Are there any questions you want to #AskSCB or a topic you’d like me to cover in a future post?

I took a poll on Twitter a few weeks ago to see what people wanted more of, so if you have opinions I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment about what you’d like to see more of on my YouTube channel or blog on this post and I’ll add it to my (growing) list of ideas to cover this year. TALK TO ME! I am here for your entertainment. Love you, mean it.


One thought on “SCB IRL: Life Lately

  1. Love your random posts with lots of info. I like the variety :)

    #AskSCB What are you suggestions about Seattle (what to do, where to eat, etc.)? What are some nice areas? I know you moved last year. But, my hubby and I are going there and around for spring break and thinking of even moving there. I’d love to have some insider tips.

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