Do You Need A Digital Detox?

Did you know it is estimated that Americans spend about half of their waking lives staring at a screen? I believe it.

We ALL need this: a dedicated weekend, summer camp style to make us unplug, recharge, and reconnect with people in the real world.

An experience that recognizes how dependent we are on our phones and digital interconnectedness with a mission is to help us detox, play and meet new, actual people! and connect with them in the moment, avoid professional networking (!!!!), and maybe learn more about who you are  – a scary thought, I know.

Being on our computers or on our phones all the time ultimately isolates us from one another IRL. It sucks. I hate myself for being on my phone when I’m out with a friend and know I have a photo that I want to take and post because I feel it’s disrespectful to them. I get anxiety thinking that all my friends must hate me when I do, because for me – being on your phone in front of company is a sign you’d rather be anywhere but where you are with that person.

I think it’s important to think about how many people we, as young and hip and connected people, disrespect without trying because of our constant “need” to be on our phone. My grandma gives me the stare of doom when I’ve *unknowingly* grabbed my phone and started to look through it at dinner or something. I realized that’s not the social norm for most people. As a generation, we have terrible table manners.

Being “in real life” but excusing yourself from being present in the situation by retreating to the screen of your phone has become socially acceptable. Not only is it rude, what’s worse is it seems we’ve truly become okay with sitting in the silence of company and choosing rather to speak with our thumbs on Twitter or by way of Instagram photos. And what does it all mean? Nothing, if you didn’t have it. None of that is real.

I’m taking a wild guess that we all have some kind of photo on Instagram with the hashtag #memories – or at least one associated (and hence the reason you posted) and, it sucks – you can’t actually remember much about said memories as you spent the entire time trying to figure out what or how to take the perfect photo to communicate said experience for social media.

You’d probably remember what you did and the people you were with and how great it was if you were actually present at the time, making those memories for yourself before anyone else. Let’s do that. Camp RAHH! is taking place June 5-7 outside of Seattle and just $395 to cover everything (they handle all the details). Are you scared yet? Good. Sign up and come to camp.

Let’s be real: you can’t hold your Instagram photo. Unless you’ve printed it, its existence is limited to your screen. Is your existence limited by a screen? Are you thinking for yourself or for the sake of retweets and the lofty bragging rights of 100k Twitter followers? Are you living your life for the pretty Instgram photo, so you can receive validation from strangers and late at night as you wonder why you feel so unfulfilled because your life just looks so good, why doesn’t it make you feel that way too?

I’ve already pledged to attend this digital detox urban retreat experience of my dreams, which is why I need them to reach their project goal. So there’s a bonus to this: you get to spend a WHOLE WEEKEND IRL WITH ME!!! Even if you can’t make the trip to attend camp, consider pledging to support this great idea and experience. They have less than three weeks left in the campaign! Come to Camp RAHH! this summer with me, grab your spot to attend  here.


2 thoughts on “Do You Need A Digital Detox?

  1. This is such a cool idea. I’ve been wanting to go on a digital fast for a while and this would be the perfect way to still be social, while unplugging a bit. Plus as a transplant to the city I can get to see more of the beautiful landscapes of the PNW.

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