*New* Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review & Contest Details!

Benefit just came out with a new mascara and it’s maaajor. Roller Lash is a lifting and curling mascara, available February 27.

If you follow my Instagram then you already know I got my hands on an early tube of it… I bet you all can imagine my YAASSSS when the package with this promising new eyelash potion arrived.


Ta-daaaa! If you know anything about me then you know when it comes to mascara, I’m a wand fiend. They are everything. I like mascaras pretty much based solely on the wand – I feel like the formula doesn’t matter if you don’t have a good brush on the end to use with it.

benefit roller lash

Well, these are like flexy mini-combs that twirl through and grab even baby lashes to deposit the formula *while separating and lifting* as you draw it up and out. The brush isn’t rigid and I dig the slight curve in the wand for extra lift.

I only thought to document myself getting ready after I texted my girl Danielle  to show her the bitchstick I picked out – Damned, a velvet matte pencil from NARS.


Please excuse the lower quality and any inconsistences as I was taking these photos just while getting ready. I seriously need a photographer boyfriend or gay BFF or something… One day I’ll get my life together and everything will be perfect, but for now we selfie.

As you can see – the difference is pretty dramatic. Once I had Roller Lash on, I legit felt like my eyes were more open. You’ll have to be the judge of whether or not that’s a good look for me in the photos below… I applied just one coat on my top lashes with a light hand, which is really all you need.


The purpose behind the wand is that it grabs, lifts, separates, curls, boosts, amps up, you get the idea – every single lash. The play on words with curlers for your hair isn’t even cheesy because I would totally say the oomph factor of this mascara vs. some hot curlers to be of the same… oomphness.


The babes of Benefit recommend a coat of They’re Real over Roller Lash as a beauty tip, which I’ll definitely try out.

People have asked how it compares to They’re Real, and honestly – I prefer Roller Lash. I think it comes down to what “feature” you’re looking for in a mascara, be it length or curl and volume… what They’re Real does really well is add natural looking volume and lots of length. Roller Lash is an ideal combo (for me) of curl plus volume without excessive length.

How to Win!

 Benefit is running a contest through the 17th – tweet them with your most woeful eyelash curler story  for the chance to win Roller Lash and a ton of other goodies! Be sure to use the hashtag #curlproblems for your tweet to count.

I’m actually so impressed with this mascara and would definitely recommend getting your hands on it immediately. Basically, if you have eyelashes – you need Roller Lash. Pre-order now.


roller lash c/o benefit cosmetics

7 thoughts on “*New* Benefit Roller Lash Mascara Review & Contest Details!

  1. Oooookay I think I need. Also this is a bit stalker creepy, but I am pretty sure we have the exact same color eyes. So I need all of your eye makeup tricks!

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