Welcome to Wino Wednesday.

Happy hour is from 4-6…
Speaking of, can we have a moment over this?

mean girls 2

I literally died. I can’t believe it was 10 years ago?! I love the quote from the Entertainment Weekly article of Rachel McAdams about Regina 10 years later, “Regina is a Real Housewife. She’d have too much time on her hands, for sure. She’s probably found all her other Reginas” because that’s exactly how I feel with Twitter. So.

Back to Wino Wednesday – I wanted to share some info about a rad new wine subscription/membership that I just got through the waiting list for: NakedWines.com. My girlfriend Meagan who is starting Loli Lingerie (which I’ll post about soooon I promise!) turned me on to it and it’s a really cool concept.

Naked Wines is a customer funded winery where you earn wholesale prices (40-60% off) for helping them fund independent winemakers. You become an “Angel” just like Victoria’s Secret, but SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT! And no, I won’t get over the Mean Girls refs today. Deal. To give you an idea: there’s a sauv blanc for $10, chardonnay for $14, and a merlot for $16. But mark them back up 40-60% for your estimated retail price, except not.

This is what happens: you “deposit” (are charged) $40 which goes into your virtual piggy bank on their site – you then can buy any wine you want, from the winemakers that money initially funds. I had to wait because they were growing too fast and legit needed to add winemakers to supply all the people who wanted it! Now I have credit in my piggy bank so I can then order whatever type of wine or winemaker I want online and have it shipped to my house from the credit.

I grabbed the sampler pack of best selling wines while I was waiting so I could see what I was in for. Most of the wine was of good quality, which I would expect since we’re supporting a winemaker’s dream, that they’d be halfway decent at the art that is making wine (seriously). I expect I’ll be impressed with ones I pick now that I have all the options and varietals to shop from.

From Wine Folly, all the different types of wine. I think my palate is just quite different than the average person because I’m actually a serious wino. My dad is a huge wine collector and also one of the dudes behind Two Blondes Vineyard – my mom is one of blondes, obv. Chris Camarda of Andrew Will Winery was like a second dad to me growing up and we went on family vacation to Provence, France for a month. I just don’t do bad wine.

If you are a wino like myself, I would definitely check this site out and sign up if you like the convenience of online shopping and the gratification of new wine to try, plus the feel good of supporting small biz. They send you contact cards with your bottles so you learn the backstory of the winemakers, it’s all very authentic and personal and I’ve enjoyed my experience so far. If you sign up through my invite link, I get credit back and I’ll virtually cheers everyone who does that. I’ll do a more detailed tasting and review in later posts now that I have access! Check them out and sign up to be an Angel member here.

I’m sharing my fave wines to grab at the convenience of your local store in a coming post, but here are a few good reads from my fave Wine Folly to check out if you need to brush up on your wine smarts. I was also the community manager for KRIS Wine (many of my Twitter followers were hip to this) while I was at my agency. I pushed for a blog but never got one so now I’m going to live out all the wine ideas I had.


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