Confessions of A Beauty Addict.


Cos Bar is without a doubt, my favorite store to visit when we go to Maui for Christmas. It’s a luxury cosmetics boutique with locations in Colorado, California and Maui (plus some others – check their site). It is the kind of store that my dreams are literally made of. I went in a few times over the trip, so this is like a show and tell aka swatch of my collective haul. You’re welcome.


Naturally, I stopped in as soon as we arrived… One of the managers is also named Nicole and has been there for a few years, so basically we’re best friends. She gave me amazeballs samples and I love her.

They had all but one of the new Tom Ford matte lipstick line, which is basically already completely sold out…


 L-R: Flame, Velvet Cherry, Black Dahlia, Pussycat, First Time, Pink Tease

So I bought them on the spot. Like insurance. Just in case. I’m not sorry. A few for me, plus a Black Dahlia for my sister and First Time for my mom.


I wore Flame yesterday and though I only applied once – I thought it faded pretty quick which is sad for a fifty dollar lipstick… It lost the vibrancy much sooner than I’d like. Granted, it does stain nicely so at least it wears off evenly. And I did drink a kombucha and was talking so I’m not really complaining – just annoyed with myself because I didn’t bring it with me… and then I needed to reapply because it didn’t last as long as I expected. What am I, new to lipstick land? Jesus. Get it together, betch.


L-R: Flame, Black Dahlia, Velvet Cherry, Ruby Rush

Follow my Instagram to see how I wear them. They were doing this supercute box set when you got four, which I obviously needed. Merry Christmas to Queen Me! Love, Me.



Haul Details.

More reviews as I get down and dirty with all this new makeup… Happy first haul of 2015!!! I can get excited about that, right? Grool.


Aloha until next year, Cos Bar.


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